Santa Barbara Shooting Hoax FULLY Exposed!

Santa Barbara Shooting Hoax FULLY Exposed!






Another piece of evidence that indicates this crime scene is not what it should be.



Notice: The SUV has a huge dent in the middle of the rear door. How did a little BMW make that dent in the full panel of the door up so high? How was this damage done to the SUV while the BMW hit it on the right side? This SUV evidence makes no sense when you consider the small car size. There’s no damage to the hood of the BMW where it might have tipped up to damage the back end. It could not have possibly hit the SUV in this manner and left this damage the way it currently looks.


Exhibit B:

In my video above “UpNorthOfThe49th’s” I show various pictures of the day of the Elliot Rodger event. At the campus of UofC there are a mass of police cars. The Picture at 10:17 on the video shows what looks to be recruits taking notes of a scene. They look like students who are studying a practical scene or drill for the purposes of training.

We see the woman recruit peering under what looks to be another draped body sheet. Notice they all have yellow legal pads, normally used by law enforcement for the purpose of taking notes. The Yellow Pads are used due to they are not able to copy which indicates these are not formal data being collected. Under a normal scene investigators would have white page note books which are allowed to be copied and used in a court of law.

Please also take note the crime happened at around midnight. The coroner would not leave a body on the campus lawn overnight to wait for investigators the next day.




JeffC from FreeRadioRevolution does an exceptional job describing some of the many questionable circumstances surrounding this so called Mass Shooting.


JeffC FreeRadioRevolution


JeffC FreeRadioRevolution








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