Scratching the surface of the ‘Sydney Siege’

Scratching the surface of the ‘Sydney Siege’



John of the ARP; 23/Dec/2014


he ‘Sydney Siege’ occurred at a rather fortuitous time for the Australian federal government, beginning just hours before the Treasurer was scheduled to announce that the national deficit had blown out a further $10b in just six months – an incredible turn of events for a government which had campaigned its way into office on the promise of ‘getting the budget back into surplus’. The importance of the worsening budget position goes much deeper than mere party politics, however, as the reality is now dawning on Australians that the federal budget, and the national economy on which it depends, are in dire shape – and things can and will only get worse from this point on, no matter which major party is in office. We’re in a lot of trouble.

Or, at least, this reality ought to be dawning on Australians. And it may well have begun to do so, were it not for the wall-to-wall coverage given by every major outlet in the country to covering the ‘Siege’ live and in real time, from the Monday morning right through Tuesday evening. The Treasurer’s budget update (known formally as the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook, or MYEFO) press conference still went ahead, although the Treasurer used the ongoing ‘Siege’ as an excuse to disallow any ‘technical questions’ concerning the state of the nation’s finances. If this were the only glaring coincidence of the day, it would be enough for any thinking person to wonder about the credulity of the timing.

And yet this was only the beginning.

A number of other incidents took place on the day of, and immediately prior to, the ‘Sydney Siege’ which ought to have attracted widespread coverage. None did. In fact the average Australian today is unlikely to have any idea that the federal government signed an $11b deal to buy assets back from the very same company which the federal government privatised (sold from public hands) just twenty years ago. The average Australian today is unlikely to have learned that the disgraced former MP Craig Thomson was found not guilty on all but $5000 worth of charges against him which, when first publicised two years earlier, had threatened to bring down an entire national government and force new federal elections. The average Australian today is unlikely to realise that a major infrastructure project in the nation’s second-largest city was revealed to have been an economic catastrophe-in-waiting, by the quiet release of the (previously-secret) ‘business case’ which had underpinned the plans put forward by Victoria’s former state government for building the white elephant.

Fortuitous timing indeed.

Even if the Official Story of the Martin Place incident was, in isolation, a believable one, these coincidences would certainly beggar further inspection. A more thorough examination reveals that Rupert Murdoch and his News Ltd empire was involved, one way or another, in each of the coincidences cited above. This Murdoch connection constitutes yet another intriguing coincidence all of its own. These issues and more will form the basis of further investigation by this writer at a future date. However, this article thus far has only begun to explore the tip of the iceberg of the truth behind the events of December 15-16, and article space is too limited to go much deeper than that here – for now.

In the meantime, Episode #11 of the Australian Roundtable Podcast gives a decent primer on why the ‘Sydney Siege’ may well go down in contemporary history as ‘Australia’s 911’ – and, as we all know, the people of the US were not the only citizens whose lives were forever changed when two planes brought down three buildings on that day in 2001. The ubiquitous world coverage of the ‘Sydney Siege’ is testament to the significance of the event well beyond this island nation’s shores. This writer joined Ethan Nash of TOTT News to break down, in great detail, the context in which the ‘Siege’ took place, some of the more glaring anomalies of the Official Story, how the event is likely to be used in the immediate future to usher in more draconian laws, and other related topics. If you reside in any of the Five Eyes nations, this is one episode of the ARP you don’t want to miss.

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