Investigation after investigation, the Government dances around the law.  The Government’s playbook is different than the People’s, they want It both ways as long as It suits their agenda or personal political ASSES.



This video is going to highlight a statement given on May 5, 2014, by Marie Harf (State Department Spokesperson) who in effect, is claiming “Precedence” that Secretary of State John Kerry, should NOT answer to a subpoena issued by the Select Committee on Benghazi (House Committee). Further, Marie Harf is stating something even more serious; that just because Congress has the “Authority to do something, doesn’t make it RIGHT.” This is very compelling and should be something every person interested in our Constitutional Rights, as well as Rule of Law, needs to be made aware of.

The reason for it is simple; The current Administration is seeking “asylum” from answering a lawfully executed Subpoena related to the Benghazi Scandal. Because the Administration feels it has answered to enough members of Congress, the Administration feels it has fulfilled its obligation in the process. However, if this was an everyday citizen, there would be no such asylum. There would be no option to fail to appear before any lawfully executed subpoena. The average citizen would need to appear before the authorized court and/or officer of the Court to answer any and all questions regardless of how “inconvenient” or “uncomfortable” the situation may be.

Obviously, as new evidence becomes made available, there may (and in this case) or WILL BE new testimony needed so that Americans can find out what opportunities were missed in Benghazi on 9/11/12, and which persons, agencies or Departments may be at fault for the resulting executions of 4 American Diplomats at Benghazi on that night.

As an American, and as a Patriot, it is within the scope and authority of Congress to subpoena and question any and all parties who may be in possession of material fact and/or testimony which may lead to the resolution of the Benghazi Scandal, and no such person or party shall be exempt from the investigative process.

Please watch for this video shortly, and again, please use everything within your abilities to share, distribute and otherwise store the video; it is for your protection because it establishes a very clear stance in that the Administration believes that “… just because (someone) is authorized to do so… doesn’t make it right.

” I would suggest to the Administration that those words spoken by Marie Harf will come back to haunt this Administration. Using the example of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) vs. Cliven Bundy (Bunkerville, NV), the BLM may have had legal “authority” to execute a court order, however, as most of American’s now know… IT WAS NOT RIGHT TO DO SO. This could also be said for SEVERAL other actions, inaction’s, scandals, etc, that have plagued the current Administration over the past several years. One didn’t necessarily need to agree with Cliven Bundy’s actions, nor the actions of the BLM… however… it is clear that on BOTH sides of that event, just because the BLM had “authority” to act… it wasn’t right. It wasn’t right in the manner in which they exercised that “authority” nor was it right to unlawfully harass, assault, place innocent peoples lives in immediate jeopardy nor was it right to round up and kill livestock and destroy infrastructure at Bundy Ranch merely because they had the “authority” to do so.

PLEASE AMERICA…. watch the upcoming video, and assist the Congressmen and Women on the Select Committee on Benghazi to press forward and get to the bottom of this scandal which has ultimately deteriorated any faith in our Republic. Congress ARE OUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES… they REPRESENT EVERY AMERICAN… and are steadfast in finding out the TRUTH as to what happened in Benghazi. No longer is Congress sitting on the sidelines.

I have watched hours upon hours upon hours of testimony and questions asked by Congress to material witnesses (many of which are simply not hitting the mainstream news circuits for obvious reasons). CONGRESS… IS DOING THEIR JOB!!!! As Americans, we need to SUPPORT their efforts to once and for all, obtain CLARITY as to what really happened on 9/11/12!…

(picture by DonkeyHotey flickr – edited by UpNorth)

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    tman May 15, 2015

    Dahboo. This is son of man. I went under my wife’s email earlier and didn’t realize she set one up for me. It was the message from twisterwatcher7. So the new email that’s mine is. (blocked email) as I said I desperately need to talk to you asap either in a private forum but I would prefer in person or mail through the post office. This concerns CERN and how their changing realities!!! There’s only 149 days left. I’m serious. Your open minded enough and I have no one else to turn to. I consider you a brother of light and I need your understanding! Please respond asap. Thank you!

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      UpNorthOfThe49th May 17, 2015

      I passed your message on to Dahboo I have not received confirmation of him getting it but this has been passed on. Please don’t list your emails on the site.

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