Sgt. Major Retires  – Will Not Serve An Undocumented President

Sgt. Major Retires – Will Not Serve An Undocumented President


Sgt. Major Dan Page retired from the Rangers two years ago, due to his stance on refusing to serve under an undocumented president. Sgt. Major Dan Page describes a dismal outlook for North America under the Obama administration or any other for that matter to come. He discusses how all elected heads of police departments attend a course at the F.B.I. Agency and do not come back the same, meaning the person in which you entrusted your vote to do right by those who have elected them.

It is hard to discern the information he has presented, however take note he did say regarding the Bundy Ranch incident, more is coming of the same to Texas. Since this presentation he has been correct on that information.

He provides answers in regard to solutions. You must get involved at the State and Local Level. You need to vote for those in your areas whom you can trust. He tells of many things in which we can circumvent this dilemma. This is an in depth review of the way our nations are going and we need to at the very least set up and listen. His presentation is to close to events to disregard.

Is this Scare Mongering or Full Disclosure.  The gentleman has gone to great lengths to bring this to your attention. He is adamant these false flags are to draw your attention away from what they are really doing.  We want to bring this to your attention to prepare you for a mindset of a possible outcome on its way.

Sgt. Major Dan Page does indicate he is owned by the Army and has to have permission to conduct this type of presentation. We have to take this information as it is presented and make up our own minds in regard to this presentations content.


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