SICKENING! Obama meets Pedo Pope Francis days before trial for child RAPE & GENOCIDE

Pope Francis Charged in Trafficking Orphans Trial

Catholic Pope Francis Bergoglio was named as the chief defendant in a child trafficking case involving Catholic orphans. Pope Francis will be asked to defend his role in child trafficking during Argentine’s 1970s Junta Dirty War. This case of orphaned children from missing political prisoners was set for trial on March 31 2014 in a Brussels international court.

A witness has agreed to come out of hiding in Spain to testify against Pope Francis.The Argentine civil servant took extensive notes of meetings between the now-Pope Francis and Junta military officials.

Is Pope Francis just another devil in disguise?

Pope Francis’s fast ascension to head the Argentina Catholic Church was suspected to be a result of an agreement between Pope Francis and the Junta military to traffic children from Catholic orphanages.


The witness wasn’t alone in his accusations against Pope Francis. According to a 2005 Los Angeles Times article, the now-Catholic Pope Francis was accused by a human rights group of trafficking babies, plus helping to kidnap opponents of Argentine’s military Junta during the Dirty War. Lawyers filing the 2005 complaint represented the Plaza de Mayo human rights group. [1]

A year ago Catholic Pope Francis came to power over the global Catholic Church after Pope Benedict resigned from office. The unprecedented resignation of a Catholic pope happened within days of Pope Benedict being served an arrest warrant by the same international court that would try Pope Francis in March.

Catholic Pope Benedict’s Feb. 2013 guilty verdict came after months of deliberation by 36 jury members and six international judges on 150 cases surrounding over 50,000 missing Canadian native children.

The international jury found that native children were being raped, tortured and murdered in residential schools across Canada – the majority of which were Catholic-run institutions. The 80 schools were jointly owned by the Canadian government, Queen Elizabeth and the Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada.

The Catholic Pope, Canadian government and Queen Elizabeth were not alone in their crimes against vulnerable children. The 50,000 missing native children were also found to be subjects of illegal CIA mind control experiments including drug testing.

The drug tests were operated in association with pharmaceutical companies like Eli Lilly, Upjohn and Bayer. The drug companies funded the United, Anglican and Catholic churches which ran the 80 Indian residential schools in connection with the Canadian Government, Catholic Church and English Crown.

Since 2008, 32 child mass gravesites have been discovered on Canadian institution and native residential school grounds. Even though human remains were uncovered on at least two sites, all child mass gravesites have been refused further excavation. Evidence of the Canadian child holocaust was chronicled in Kevin Annett’s book,” Hidden No Longer

Annett stated this child abuse and cover up was “a deliberate attempt to eliminate native Canadian tribes and take possession of their lands which in many instances, has been accomplished.”

The Feb. 2013 international court also found Queen Elizabeth guilty for the October 10 1964 disappearance of ten children from Kamloops Residential School in British Columbia. Parents of the missing children were prevented by the Canadian government from taking their case to trial – the reason for the 2013 international court.

Three witnesses to the kidnapping died of mysterious causes prior to trial. One was William Combes, age twelve at the time. He stated in his video testimony, “It was strange because we had to kiss the Queen’s boots which were white with laces. Seven boys and three girls ages six through 14 left with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip. We never heard or seen them after that day, even when we got older.”

In this 30 minute video, Alfred Webre interviews Kevin Annett, a human rights consultant and field secretary for the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS).

Keven Annett is affiliated with the International Common Law Court of Justice. This court is planning to prosecute Pope Francis, the Jesuits and the Church of England at the end of March 2014 for their role in child trafficking and genocide.

Kevin Annett is at the forefront of a worldwide movement to expose corruption in some of the highest levels of our religious and political system. One of his main goals is to stop high level officials from committing crimes against humanity.

He is also working hard to establish common law court systems throughout the world, so that we the people can take leaders of church and state to trial.

I have been studying some of Mr. Annett’s work for a few years now and I haven’t found anything that would make me think that he is working for the New World Order (NWO). He seems like a genuine man who cares a lot about human rights. There aren’t many people in the world who are as brave as Mr. Annett.

I don’t think this child genocide trial in Brussels is going to put these officials of church and state in prison anytime soon, because the corrupt system of the NWO still has a lot of power.

However, I do know that this trial will wake more people up to the fact that certain church and state officials have been supporting child trafficking and genocide for decades.

One of the reasons why the NWO still has a lot of power is because most people are unaware of the NWO’s dark agendas.

If we support Mr. Annett and inform others about what he and many other brave individuals are doing to free humanity, it is just a matter of time before the leaders of the NWO and their minions are brought to justice.

The Darkest Secrets of the Vatican

The Vatican City is the heart of the Catholic church and the Pope (Pontifex Maximus) is the head of the church and the supreme “spiritual” leader of all of the world’s Catholics. But the Vatican hides some of the darkest secrets one can imagine.

Sedes Sacrorum – Etymology

Sedes Sacrorum (Latin for Holy Seat), known as the Holy See in English, is the seal of the Vatican City State.

evil pope
Sedes Sacrorum (SS)

“The Roman Cult* which controls the Catholic Church maintains that the first person to use the concept of the Holy See was St. Peter.

This of course, is impossible as the etymology of the word “Sedes” (See) and its associated meaning were not in existence until hundreds of years after the execution of St. Peter in 70 CE at the Siege of Jerusalem.” [1]

*The Roman Cult is a shadow group of blood-thirsty satanists, which was involved in “child sacrifice, burning people alive (since 11th Century CE), demonic worship and absolute celibacy of its lowest priests.

Since the 1st Century BCE, its high priests known as ‘Pontiffs’ — a hereditary position controlled by a handful of ancient families — claimed the ancient pre-Republic title of Pontifex Maximus after the Roman Emperors assumed themselves as high priest of the state cult of Magna Mater (Cybele).

Pope’s Francis
Coat of Arms

Jealously guarding their pagan heritage and right to sacrifice people to their demon gods, the priestly families were banished from Rome more than once along with the closure of the Vatican temple.

However, during the tumultuous periods in Roman history after the collapse of Rome as the center of the Empire, the pagan high priests assumed the role as community leaders in Rome and during more than one period, openly returned to their pagan practices of child sacrifice, cannibalism and demonic worship as late as 590 to 752, 847 to 872 and even as late as 896, 1057.” [2]

“Under Pope Innocent VIII, the role of the Inquisition and Inquisitor changed to increase their legal and spiritual authority when dispatching ‘heretics’.

Around 1483 Tomás de Torquemada was named Inquisidor General of Aragón, Valencia and Catalonia. His torturers and special militia were then blessed with being sworn into the highest sacred order of the Roman Cult — the SS or the Knights of the Sedes Sacrorum.

As a military order of the Roman Catholic Church, the Knights of the Sedes Sacrorum (SS) were bestowed by the legal orders of the Roman Pontiff on behalf of the Mother Church to wage constant Holy Inquisition against all ‘heretics’, including assassinations, torture and counter-intelligence, to protect the name of the Holy Roman Catholic Church and directly represent the interests of the Holy See as its primary order of Holy Knights– the SS (Sedes Sacrorum or Holy See).

As a spiritual order of the Roman Catholic Church, the SS — were bestowed with the extraordinary Roman Catholic grace of being forgiven for all their mortal sins (therefore can go to Heaven) that “unfortunately” must be done in order to observe its temporal orders. In others words, the troops of the Grand Inquisitor Tomás de Torquemada were the first religious military order to be granted “immunity” from Hell by the Pope on account of its acts of torture, terror and evil.

The last open satanic ritual sacrifices under the Holy Inquisition was in the early 19th Century. By the beginning of the 20th Century, there were less than a few hundred SS soldiers still assigned to the Holy Inquisition. However, upon the appointment of Fr Heinrich Himmler S.J. in 1929 to the NSDAP in Germany, a new Nazi SS (Knights of the Sedes Sacrorum) Army of several hundred thousand was created by 1939 to wage the single greatest Inquisition ever undertaken by the Roman Cul t– with over 18 million innocent people burned alive in ovens in Russia and Poland.

The German SS were disbanded at the end of World War II, with the Roman Scroll of the SS being handed to the United States SS (Secret Service/Sedes Sacrorum) by 1945. The United States SS was officially created into a military/spiritual force after the assassination of President William McKinley in 1901. After the staged gun-fight outside Blair House in 1950, the United States SS have had absolute protection of the President of the United States, holding him a virtual prisoner of the State under the guise of official protection.

The Hidden Code of the SS

Both the SS and Pope’s Francis coat of arms have the papal mitre in the center, which is a head cover worn by the cardinals and the pope and dates back to the Dagon priests, more than 4,500 years ago.

Seen from the side, the mitre looks like a fish head with open mouth, and this is exactly what it represents. It is the worship of the fish “god”, who allegedly came out of the water and offered great knowledge to the people. The “christian” fish logo represents the same Dagon “god”.

Dagon or Oannes was “a fish god who imparted great knowledge to the people. He taught them how to build cities. He also taught them math and geometric laws, and was credited with giving them all the knowledge that they would ever receive.

At night, he would go back into the sea to spend the night, because he was amphibious.  He had the head of a man; covered by the head of a fish, and had the legs and feet of a man and the torso of a man, but was covered by the scales and tail of a fish.” – Berossus; from ancient fragments (Isaac Preston Cory) [4]

According to the “Lost Book of Enki”, the fish “god” was none other than Ea (later known as Enki), who landed his massive space ship on water — from which he emerged and built the first settlement for the Anunnaki on Earth. He named it Edin, which meant “the home from afar”.

In conclusion, Enki was either wearing a space suit, or he is depicted in non-human form. Fascinating!

The founder of this religion was Nimrod — the king of Shinar and the great-grandson of  Noah/Ziusudra, which in turn was the son of Enki by an earthling — hence of “royal” Anunnaki blood. Many of today’s “royal” bloodlines are descendants of Nimrod.

The keys found on both logos and the way they are positioned, refer to a diligently guarded secret. In symbolism, the key represents locked knowledge and/or guarded secrets. But what secrets is the Vatican protecting? The way the keys are positioned is only a small clue, indecipherable to the common people.

Fortunately, the hidden code of the Vatican has been cracked by writer and researcher Wayne Herschel, basing his research on the pictogram puzzle found in the “Key of Solomon” manuscripts.

Solomon Key

Orion - Pleiades

The Key of Solomon unlocks the mystery behind the home constellations of the “gods”, and it will be of no surprise to my readers to identify them as the Orion’s belt and the Pleiades…the same two constellations pointed out by all advanced civilizations as the home of the gods, and obsessively worshiped by the “elite” ever since.

Vatican STAR_MAP

Above: the Orion’s belt, the Pleiades and the star of Ra (a.k.a. Marduk)
Bellow: The Vatican represents Orion’s belt, while the Seven Hills of Rome
represent the Pleiades. The triangle formed by the Egyptian obelisks found in
the Piazza del Popolo and in front of the Pantheon, together with Castel Sant’Angelo
(used including by the Roman Inquisition as prison for “heretics”), represents
the Trinity stars. The Star Fortress also represents the star of Ra (Marduk).

Further deciphering the secrets of the SS, I will now submit to your attention the cross, which to them probably represents the cross formed by the stars of the Orion constellation. Another theory refers to the cross as representing another of their alleged homes, Nibiru (literally meaning, the planet of the crossing).

The Chi-Rho “Christian” symbol represents the constellations of Orion and the Pleiades:


To the common and decent people, the cross represents a tribute brought to Jesus Christ and His great sacrifice, but as I’ve showed you before, the cross predates Christ’s crucifixion by millennia. To them, it has a different symbolism.

On Pope’s Francis Coat of Arms we can also observe: a sun, an eight-pointed star and a pine cone.

The sun probably represents the star of the gods (presented by Ra/Marduk as his home star).

The eight pointed star represents Melchizedek, who was the king of Salem and a priest of the “highest of all gods”. Some theologians have supposed him to have been Shem, the son of Noah/Ziusudra, and grandfather of Nimrod (which later became the king of Shinar and priest of the fish god, as I have previously explained). In Masonry, Melchizedek is connected with the degree of High Priesthood (high mason rank). [6]

The pine cone is a symbolic depiction of the pineal gland, which is also known as the third eye and the Egyptian eye of Horus:

Eye of Horus

The name pineal comes from the resemblance of the gland with a pine cone. The pine cone as a symbol of supreme knowledge can be found in numerous ancient cultures (e.g. Babylonian, Egyptian) and the Roman Cult (the secret society that controls the Vatican) highly reveres it. A gigantic statue of a pine cone can be found in the Vatican’s inner courtyard and even carved onto the papal staff.

In conclusion, the Vatican is not a place of love and peace, as one might imagine. It is a place of dark rituals and great secrecy. Their purpose is to enslave the human species through indoctrination, fear and control. And because people fear what they don’t understand, the influence of the Vatican and the Catholic church is immense — greater than any army, tyrant or government. They are also the greatest financial power on Earth and they will continue to exercise their influence for as long as the human species will continue to sleep.

My next article contains pictures from my trip to the Vatican, which is one of the most important capitals of the “elite” bloodlines.

Alexander Light,;


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  1. Avatar
    Tad Williams March 31, 2017

    Where is this 2005 Los Angeles Times Article? I can’t find it anywhere and it is never linked in the article. Seems suspicious not to link the article.

  2. Avatar
    Jack Dunn December 29, 2016

    Absolutly outsranding. What a great piece of truth. This will set the captives free.
    Thank you for your truthful reporting.

  3. Avatar
    mimi November 24, 2015

    Stop being in denial people who doubt that the pope is guilty he is you would have to be very ignorant or a fool not to believe that!! The pope and the catholic church is an abomination and they are guilty of everything they are accused of and always have been for years!! Wake up!! He is the mark of the beast!! That is an enemy of God,and he is of the devil!! He is far from being holy! Don’t follow This devil worshipper follow Jesus!! Only the lord can save your soul from hellfire not him!!! He can’t save anybody at all not even himself!! And child molesters will not be in heaven!! Especially him! Unless they repent first and come to Jesus to be saved!!! Wake up!!!

  4. Avatar
    Joe February 17, 2015

    People who have any doubts that the Catholic church rapes and tortures children are utterly insane and delusional. The raping has occurred on a mass scale for many decades and has been proven beyond any shadow of a doubt. The fact that the church has condemned the use of condoms in AIDS-ridden Africa proves that the Vatican is clearly a cult of death and suffering.

    The international court has found several popes and cardinals guilty of child trafficking, rape, torture and murder because of a PREPONDERANCE OF EVIDENCE. The evidence comes from many reliable witnesses and the VATICAN’S OWN RECORDS!!! Ratzinger was summoned to testify for his systematic covering up of peadophilia within the Catholic church some years back but was pardoned by the WAR CRIMINAL George W. Bush! This is documented!

    Moreover, the church has used fear and religion to rape the wealth of the masses for at least the last 1500 years.
    They are the richest and most powerful corporation on this planet. The United Nations should occupy the Vatican, arrest everyone in it, confiscate its trillions of dollars and distribute its wealth to the people. Unfortunately, this will never happen because they have the protection of politicians and the ruling elite.

  5. Avatar
    Chris September 03, 2014

    Annett created these so called tribunals, with no legal force in the world. There are methods to expose injustice, but I am not able to see any of this; there has been no proof of his allegations made public for all to scrutinize. I would rank this man Annett as a troubled imposter that sould be prosecuted for his allegations without proof.

    • Avatar
      Bill October 20, 2014

      Agreed Chris.
      Annett is utterly insane and delusional.
      It’s sad.
      Because the Catholic church has, in fact, committed atrocities over the years.
      The child sex scandals, the inquisition, possible collaboration or at least turning a blind eye to Hitler, and of course the crusades.

      But these actual wrongs are diminished by these bizarre accusations.

      I suspect Annett was himself the victim of sexual abuse by a priest and is attempting to exact the justice he was denied as a child.
      Again, its sad.

    • Avatar
      Joe February 18, 2015

      May I remind Chris that the reason why proof of Annett’s allegations have not been made public is because the defendants themselves have strongly insisted that the court proceedings remain secret. Public scrutiny is the last thing the Vatican wants. You say that Annett should be prosecuted for making allegations without proof. You obviously don’t have the slightest inkling of how courts function. Cases are thrown out of court because of insufficient evidence all the time. According to your logic, the prosecution should be prosecuted n cases such as these. Think before you write such nonsensical statements.

      The second reason why court proceedings have been closed off to the public is to maintain security because Annett has been receiving death threats.

    • Avatar
      Joe February 18, 2015

      Bill says that the latest allegations of child sex, murder, and ritual sacrifice diminish past wrong doings but nothing could be further from the truth. If anything, the latest allegations reinforce how evil and depraved the Catholic Church really is. The Vatican has a long history of raping children and torturing heretics. This is undeniable. Is it not possible then that people at the top of this institution’s hierarchy could be involved in the ritual sacrifice of children?? Logic dictates that this is highly probable. Stop defending those who have a history of heinous acts of violence and large scale criminal activity!

    • Avatar
      Jack Dunn December 29, 2016

      That’s because your deeds are evil. You love darkness more than light.
      You.will believe a lie & be damed.
      Buy the truth & sell it not.

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