Signs and Rituals

Signs and Rituals


he Popes arrival in Jerusalem and lighting strikes the One World Trade Center (TWICE) while ritual murders seems the height of the news. There are animals dying all over the world today in huge numbers, due to the polluted state of the sea and air from chemtrails. Massive die offs of Bee’s all around the world and birds falling from the skies.




s it we hear more of these events or are they in fact increasing in severity and magnitude. The last time lightning hit the Vatican it seemed earth changes began to occur in multitudes. We are witnessing a time in our history of great turmoil and chaos. Wars and Rumors of wars seem to be the focus of our current news. These times they are a changing and we need to take note of them.

Our Morals have fallen more in the last 5 yrs than in any memorable time of television and entertainment. We see the huge push towards acceptance of homosexuality and are bullied and belittled if we do not consider the abnormal, normal.

The One World Trade Center has been struck by lightning before yet such emphasis is on the current event. Are they telling us something by focusing our attentions on the mystical meaning of such events? It makes one think they must keep a level head and understand these things do happen yet it is hard not to dwell on the increase in Earth changes and the Rituals the elites are doing in mass in front of our faces.

Currently a massive Mudslide of 4 miles long and 2 miles wide, due to heavy rains is causing havoc in Colorado. New York was suffering shutdowns due to floods as well. Alaska’s wildfires are burning out of control and it has not even thawed out from winter yet.

The world has gotten a lot smaller with television and internet. It has gotten a lot stranger as well. Stay Safe and God Bless…



Rituals Abound:


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