Sky Dreadnought Update

Further to the conversation:
We wanted you the reader/viewer to understand that while the media pushes forward the disclosure agenda and while many continue to film or record these crafts in our skies, whenever media gets presents the information or video of the stories, they twist it to suit their cause (ALIENS).

We here at Max Resistance hope you understand the reasoning behind presenting this article, to show you how “They” want to twist the factual information that technology is available for these black projects. Technology is far ahead of what we know and realize and they don’t want you to think man can make these machines. That was the agenda behind there article in our opinion.
We are of the opinion men centuries ago built such amazing items and architecture we can’t fathom their abilities nor achievements today. Why? Due to “Them” having hidden these secrets and holding them (within their secret societies) in check to possibly, either be slowly released or to assist in their lies’.
Are we so blind not to realize we are de-evolving and our personal knowledge is being controlled and suppressed? Imagine how empowering to know man has gone far beyond our current capabilities of today (in the past). We hear whispers of past inventions that have been withheld. We know inventors who have developed amazing ideas in free energy have either died or their inventions stolen and suppressed.  What happened in the past is a mystery however more information is slowly coming to light regarding our past capabilities.

Where do you think the trillions that continuously go missing vanishes to? Black classified secret projects. Besides, Aliens don’t need money to develop these items.
Thank you to so many of you who assisted us in our investigation and understood the message we conveyed.

Cut to the chase and get the bottom line on the madness of “Government Disclosure” in this hilarious but tragic, fast paced, true look at what is happening to our planet, all at the drop of a hat, cartoon style. Perfect for everyone with a short attention span, ADD, or an inability to concentrate on anything longer than 3-minutes.


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    Paul the Roman October 29, 2014

    I don’t know but I’ve been told, there’s an awful lot of people without a soul. These “soulless ones” may be referred to as beings in service to themselves. Whilst the rest of us are in service to others. Regardless of what you may think about ol’ JC, his admonition to us to help each other in this life must be a foundational hallmark of our society or none will survive or flourish. Hell, we may not anyway, but instead of being pre-occupied about the battles we wage against evil, let us instead conquer ourselves. Upon doing so we will eliminate the need to merge with machines in order to realize the power which is innate in those of us that are souls riding around in this material world.
    We’ll be the last of the new wave riders and the first of the new age masters. Remember, the whole universe is a giant guitar!

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    arron March 11, 2014

    so sorry i missed this, i had to battle my bed bug problem all day. nice work guys. thanx

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      UpNorthOfThe49th March 11, 2014

      Try some diatomaceous earth. Non-toxic and your able to even mix it in water and drink, yet get rid of all kinds of bugs…… :)

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    Justine Case March 10, 2014

    Great video!! Max is right the first group of aliens will be “fake!” There are many scenarios that could happen that people have theorized on and have researched with ancient texts and also the Holy Bible. The second group of aliens/et’s/interdimensionals will more than likely be real… and they will be bad guys coming in “pretending” to be good to “save us”…. Think of the show “V.” All the stuff on the ground is a distraction to what is happening overhead… Expect the unexpected. This is now the greatest show on earth what is happening now!! Good job guys… :)

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