Smoking Gun! Sandy Hook was a HOAX Says Witness!

Smoking Gun! Sandy Hook was a HOAX Says Witness!

A continuation of  An Eerie Visit to – Sandy Hook – Newtown CT. This interview is an explanation of the pictures and the Gun Grab agenda behind Sandy Hook (Newtown CT.)

This interview also details how Barry Soetoro (aka ‘Obama’) used a CT SSN for his income taxes and where the number came from and who’s it was.

Fascinating summary of Sandy Hoax. What happened BEHIND THE SCENES (AUDIO interview).



(VIDEO) Proves “Adam Lanza” never existed. The fictional “school shooter” was created in PhotoShop.

WATCH how 2 different School ID photos (taken 4 years apart) are exactly the same photo!  THAT is impossible.

In this Video, the two “Adam Lanza” photos are superimposed, proving both images are the EXACT same image — used twice, to give the impression of “multiple photos” and fool the public into thinking boogeyman “Adam Lanza” was real.


NOTE how the background was changed? See how they flipped the face horizontally so it looks like “a different picture?”

Also notice – they changed the hair (bangs) in PhotoShop.  The SAME IMAGE was used to create “two photos.”



Maybe this officer didn’t want to lie and go along with the program? Unlike his Commanding Officer St. Paul Vance!



Lt. Vance couldn’t keep the lies straight in his head and made a huge mistake exposing the Sandy Hook Deception yet once again.



PART 2 – Sandy Hook HOAX (Interview):



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  1. Avatar
    Noah November 07, 2014

    Adam Lanzas appearance had changed because some people who are truth seekers sometimes end up being killed and replaced by clones with MK ultra implanted thoughts that will lead them up to the events that they comitted, a way to descriminate conspiracy theorists, or preferably truth seekers

  2. Avatar
    Barry October 20, 2014

    Sandy Hook was a GUN GRAB psychological operation against the United States.

    Sadly, the US Government is complicit in Sandy Hoax.

    There are several False Flag “shootings” and “bombings” with fake victims.

    Sandy Hook is Domino #1. After it topples, other False Flag (government created) “EVENTS” will be exposed by the shocked American people.

    Due to public outrage at this historic Treason, I foresee modern-day “Nuremberg Trials” for the criminals who waged this attack upon the United States. They must be held accountable under US law.

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