SNL confirms ISIS propaganda is FAKE

SNL confirms ISIS propaganda is FAKE
Teen Recruitment for ISIS

As always those in the know poke fun at those who have no clue most mainstream media stories are lies and propaganda. “They” (those within the entertainment business) enjoy rubbing our faces in the lies, knowing we are gullible enough to consume it. Much like The Simpsons foretelling of events prior to them happening like 911 and Boston Bombing, London Attack “they” often put out parodies to signify they are in the know and we are fools.


Our investigations have shown that many of the mainstream media lies, are just that LIES regarding ISIS and the online recruitment of Teens to join their imaginary cause. All fabricated to keep the narrative alive and the fear factor going in the public realm.


Many various sources are also beginning to finally explain the misinformation, we have shown for some time. It’s becoming so obvious this is all just a false flag designed to create fear and disorder

Question: Why would SNL take a commercial of such insignificance’s to create a parody on?

Original source:


Answer: Because ISIS is fake and the pretend recruitment lies will continue.


Hollywood production?

plumber truck isis

Source Material Proof:

ISIS Executioner

ISIS Truth In Plain Sight

Jihadi John

Sandy Hook Child Victim DIES AGAIN in PAKISTAN School Shooting!

Canadian News Reports! – Fight Canada!

Jordanian Pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh – Full ISIS Release


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