Something Rotten In The State Of Connecticut – Operation “Juice Box”

Something Rotten In The State Of Connecticut – Operation “Juice Box”
Affidavit: Newtown Cop Completed Illegal Drug Deals Inside Department Building

Sometimes steroid packages and payments were exchanged in Santucci’s Newtown Police Department office desk, according to an affidavit.

Affidavit: Newtown Cop Completed Illegal Drug Deals Inside Department Building

Santucci, who was arrested this week on drug trafficking charges of mainly steroids, has been dealing in drugs since about 2011, collaborating with a Newtown Police Dispatcher, Jason Chickos, who acted like his right hand man and often left steroid packages for Santucci on his desk at the Newtown Police Department, according to the affidavit.

The state’s drug enforcement agency (DEA) was recently tipped off to Santucci’s involvement in steroid manufacturing and distribution when they received an anonymous letter from a “concerned citizen” along with a sample of Santucci’s steroids.

Santucci resigned after he was arrested.

Chief Michael Kehoe said he couldn’t comment on an ongoing internal investigation.

“Our internal protocols require an internal investigation be opened on matters like this,” he said


Update: Newtown Police Sergeant, Dispatcher Arrested in Alleged Steroid Ring Bust

It is also alleged that Santucci purchased drugs from China and other countries which were addressed directly to his Waterbury, Conn., address and delivered by USPS. Santucci imports bulk wholesale steroids in powder and liquid forms from China and other places, then manufactures and repackages the steroids for retail sales in Connecticut. Santucci’s credit cards showed he flew first class to Quito, Ecuador on Jan. 9, 2015 and returned to the U.S. first class from Lima, Peru, on Jan. 24, 2015.

Santucci earned about $80,000 per year as a police officer with Newtown. The affidavit states that from May 2011 through November 2014, Santucci received direct deposits of his salary totaling approximately $156,893 into his bank account. Additionally, Santucci made approximately $244,391 in cash deposits into his account, and deposited a further $46,514 into his bank account by ATM. In another account, Santucci made deposits of $5,525 and ATM deposits of $12,284.

“Based on my training and experience and investigation into this case, I believe the deposits beyond Santucci’s salary are narcotic and counterfeit prescription sale proceeds,” wrote DEA Special Agent Dana Mofenson, in the affidavit.

Santucci’s credit card statements also show Internet purchases of more than $28,000 for glassware and supplies from entities, such as And from June 2011 to September 2013, Santucci made Western Union transfers of approximately $103,000 to China.

Some of the sales occurred at The Edge Fitness Clubs in Fairfield, Conn., the Fairfield Wheeler Golf Course, and Griffin Hospital. Chickos is described in the affidavit as a close associate of Santucci and a major distributor, purchasing thousands of dollars of steroids from Stantucci at a time. Chickos distributed at the Fairfield fitness club.

On April 23, 2015, a U.S. district judge authorized the wiretapping of Santucci’s telephone. During a recent text-message exchange documented in the affidavit, Chickos and Santucci communicated with each other about making an exchange at the Newtown Police Department, specifically involving Chickos leaving money for steroids in his desk at the police department.

SANTUCCI: We good to go or need another day

CHICKOS: Gtg. I’m working again tonight.

CHCIKOS: U working tonight

SANTUCCI: Yes. Have that other thing ready

CHICKOS: K. See yah tonight. I’m on til 11. I’ll wait for ya

SANTUCCI: I’ll come in early


SANTUCCI: Can you leave it on my desk or in my desk?

CHCIKOS: Ok. What time u gonna be here

SANTUCCI: I won’t be till like after 11:30

SANTUCCI: Oh, damn. I forgot your snack. And am running around now, I lol have to run it to you tomorrow

SANTUCCI: So I guess you don’t have to leave it. Cause I’ll have to see you tomorrow anyway.

CHCIKOS: OK, I’m working tomorrow again at 3 pm. If you’re off from work I can meet ya earlier. Gonna leave another envelope on your desk also

SANTUCCI: Ok. My draw is open

CHCIKOS: Not sure which drawer is yours

SANTUCCI: My desk draw. First desk on right when you walk in.




When Santucci writes that he forgot Chickos’s “snack,” he is referring to to steroids, the affidavit states.

As recently as April 25, 2015 at about 11:22 p.m., Santucci was observed travelling down Church Hill Road in his 2010 Toyota Prius by law enforcement officials working on surveillance. Santucci then drove to the Newtown Police Department, parked his car, and engaged in another steroid transaction with Chickos at the headquarters.

Source: Newtown Patch


We at MaxResistance would be interested in providing a platform for these individuals accused of these crimes to come forward and be our guest on “The Resistance Round Table” We are open to discuss their views on the crimes being associate with their names. Get their side of the story so to speak. We have a feeling the focus on this criminal activity may well be to take our focus off of other critical topics such as the FOIA Hearings in Heartford CT., with Wolfgang Halbig.

We are all well aware that hot topics such as criminal activity within the otherwise and highly promoted squeaky clean Newtown Police Department, seems to be something rotten going on to deviate from public focus. It might be nothing other than what it appears, however it does seem an opportune time to throw a few loose cannons under the bus in order to divert attention from something else.
To us it just seems odd that Newtown news agents are reporting on this yet ignore the real news of inconsistencies in the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting. They refuse to cover the issues of non-compliance with the FOIA laws, as well as full live coverage of the hearings themselves.

Recently there has been another large drive to raise funds for supposed Sandy Hook Victims yet Newtown fails to report on where the money goes and how it has been diverted to programs to take citizens 2nd Amendment Rights. Silence on those topics. So with a leery eye we will watch outside of this current fiasco and see if there are indeed diversions being implemented to hide the bigger story.
We encourage those in the area of Newtown to please continue to keep us informed on what you hear on the street.

The strange progression in this event is the sudden resignation of Santucci. Seems like he was trying to distance himself from the Department knowing this might have been coming. The cocaine issue is not even mentioned in the indictment. That’s 350 grams.  3/4 of a lb and they are overlooking it?

Those involved in this case are:

Bridgeport resident Jason Chickos, a civilian dispatcher for Newtown police, was also arrested. So was Jeffrey Gentile, a judicial marshal who lives in Ansonia, along with Alex Kenyhercz, of Ansonia, Michael D. Mase, of Sherman, Mark Bertanza, of Shelton, Frank Pecora, of Derby, and Steven Fernandes, of Southington.

The arrests took place Wednesday and Thursday and were coordinated by the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration and Homeland Security Investigations. Pecora was the only suspect still in custody Monday, pending a detention hearing Tuesday. The other seven men were released on bond.

Back History:

Newtown forced to reinstate emergency dispatcher

News-Times, The (Danbury, CT), Melissa Bruen STAFF WRITER
Published 1:00 am, Wednesday, July 8, 2009

NEWTOWN — A Newtown emergency dispatcher who was fired in the fall was given his job back recently because of a procedural error the town made.
The Connecticut State Board of Mediation and Arbitration ruled that “the grievant was not terminated for just cause as a result of a procedural error.”
Jason Chickos worked for the town as an emergency personnel dispatcher from April 2002 until October 2008, when he was fired for failing to report to work on Sept. 20, 2008.


 Affidavit: Former Newtown Cop Took $30k Safari, Cruises While Selling Steroids

Former Sgt. Steven Santucci spent money on a $30,000 African safari trip, cruises and spent more than $111k on lodging over about 3 years.

Affidavit: Former Newtown Cop Took $30k Safari, Cruises While Selling Steroids

A multi-agency investigation into an alleged steroid and prescription pill distribution network yielded several arrests, including Santucci, a Newtown dispatcher and a judicial marshal.

Investigators obtained credit card statements that showed Santucci charged more than $310,000 to two cards from April 2011 to November 2014.

Some of the charges included:

  • More than $30,000 on an African safari.
  • More than $25,000 on Celebrity Cruises.
  • More than $111,000 on lodging expenses, including $17,000 at Four Seasons resorts, $19,000 on Hyatt and Grand Hyatt and $7,000 at the Ritz Carlton.

He also spent about $28,000 on glassware and similar supplies suspected of being used to manufacture anabolic steroids, according to an affidavit.


Update: Newtown Police Sergeant, Dispatcher Arrested in Alleged Steroid Ring Bust

An anonymous letter and samples of liquid steroids from a concerned citizen prompted investigators to look deeper into Santucci’s activity, according to the affidavit.

Santucci received about $156,000 in deposits for his salary between May 2011 and November 2014. During the same time he deposited about $244,000 of cash into an account and made another $46,000 worth of deposits through an ATM, according to the affidavit. He also made smaller contributions to another account.

The 103-page affidavit is rife with details of alleged criminal activity garnered through intercepted messages through the WhatsApp messaging service, wiretapped phone calls, controlled drug purchases using confidential witnesses and other investigative methods.

Often the arrestees allegedly communicated with little or no code about illicit drugs.

One suspected customer placed an order with Alex Kenyhercz, who allegedly purchased drugs from Santucci. The alleged customer texted the following to Kenyhercz phone, according to the affidavit:

So thats:






If u can get bio water need some of that to

Kenyhercz also bragged that he would charge certain customers more in an effort to rip them off while keeping the price fair for his friends, the affidavit states.

Investigators also allege that Kenyhercz would allow Santucci to use his license as identification when dealing with Western Union in order to make money transfers to China after investigators intercepted a telephone conversation between Kenyhercz and someone else.

From June 2011 to September 2013 Santucci made transfers of about $103,000 to China. Western Union payments to China were also made in the name of his wife.

The United States Customs and border Protection seized a package in 2012 and again in 2014 that were intended for Santucci after they were found to contain anabolic steroids, according to the affidavit.

Investigators also found that several international shipments from countries including China, Canada, Poland and Ukraine were shipped to Santucci’s address.

Souce: Newtown Patch

Thanks to Tony:

This story states that “350 grams of powder cocaine” were seized. The affidavit makes no mention of cocaine. I called the author of this Newtwon Patch article (a Sandy Hook resident) to ask him…
Tony had to leave a message.

Reminder: The affidavit was drawn up before the arrest was made, so, perhaps the info was obtained some other way. Tony still has not heard back from the author of the article above – neither by phone or email.



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    Crisis Actor May 19, 2015

    What a crazy new story about this really, really bizarre town. I live in CT and didn’t hear anything about it. One would have thought this would have been a national and international strory.

    Also, how could the chief of police not be involved or aware? Highly unlikely in my humble opinion.

    You can watch the Chief, Michael K. Kehoe get red faced and twisted and balled up a the April 24th FOIA hearing right here.

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