SOS Music Industry ~ A view from the Streets of Montreal

SOS Music Industry ~ A view from the Streets of Montreal

Most of the performers that I’m referring to on the HMV show window here are local talent because by law they have to reserve a certain amount of store front space to promote Quebecois and Canadian music. This gives you an idea of how the SOS (Synagogue Of Satan) controls all the entertainment from the top down or bottom up. You have to ask yourself: if these are actually independent musicians, why do they all select the same symbolism?


PoliceStateRadio takes you on a trip around the streets of Montreal and shows you the symbolism within the independent music industry and explains what the symbolism refers to. The cubes the rings of Saturn the symbolism is everywhere.



Possibly this video Explains the Portal or Suit that Michael Jackson is wearing all over the promotional propaganda around the streets of Canada.




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