Tat Chat – From The Heart – Better listen up folks

Tat Chat – From The Heart – Better listen up folks



Tatoott1009 has a sit down face to face with his audience on Youtube to discuss the importance of sharing information about corporations in each and every one of your videos and articles. Its a great plan to include some extra information about the atrocities of the corporate entity along with other important information. Consider giving a small part of yourself to not only inform but teach your audiences about the injustices the corporations are trying to pull on all the people of the world. If you subject is chemtrails then share some knowledge and give a statistic on the corporation who runs the programs. If GMO’s are your topics then share the facts of who owns then and how their funded in your video description.

People this is an information war and we can’t afford to loose it. If police brutality is your thing then explain how the police are now bought/funded by the major corporations in the world. Its up to us to not only inform but also to teach and share the rabbit holes we have gone down. Unlike our competition Lets not make our knowledge “Secret”.


NOTE* Did you know the Geneva conventions had outlawed the use of chemical weapons in war? Chemical weapons banned were that of tear gas, which the American corporation has now deemed suitable to use and test on the American people. What drives this desire to hurt ones citizens? Money plain and simple. The corporations design and develop the product and they sell it to their sister corporations “Law Enforcement Municipalities/State/County” subsidiaries to profit and lift the stocks of their shareholders. Although we can’t us the product on our enemy we can us it on our neighbor. Sad to see this is what profit margins look like.


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