Tax Dollars At War Epic HD Animation] Democide Exposed! (HD)

“The most enormous war machine the world has ever known”

US radio host Dennis Bernstein and investigative reporter Dave Lindorff illustrate just how much US tax money goes towards the country’s war chest

“People have to realize that 53 cents of every dollar that they are paying into taxes is going to the military to an astonishing figure there is an enormous, enormous amount of money being blown on war an killing and destruction.”

We must support each other or be washed away in a flood of propaganda and lies told on behalf of a corrupted government,  supported by a valueless corporate culture that desires profits at any cost.  



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    Monica February 22, 2014

    Just got done watching your video on taxes. I say fuck the Federal government and quit paying the bastards are hard earned money. According to the tax commissioner he said the taxes are voluntary. I have a hard time handing my money over to criminals. And that is exactly what is running this government evil fucking criminals. Enough is enough its time to fight back.

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