Schools have taken their self proclaimed influence far beyond the country best interests. This trend of Banning the American Flag has gotten out of hand on so many levels.

This school should have to pay ALL money from the public, state, county or country for that matter back to those who contributed to its construction. If it takes offense to the National Flag of the country that enabled its foundations to be built in Tempe Arizona, then they no longer need to exist from those who have supported it. I would recommend the public stand against these PRINCIPLES who have no loyalty to those who pay them nor to the country they are established in.


Video Description:

Link Uploaded by foxnews today! 10/23/2015! BANS ALL PATRIOTIC GEAR AND FLAGS FOR FOOTBALL GAME!


If they can’t display the flag then the schools can’t collect our tax dollars. Ban their paychecks. See how they react to that.



Its time to take a stand against these Principles or staff who think they can change and dictate the countries fundamental foundation of formation. If this is happening locally you can just imagine the BS they are teaching your kids. Demand Corrections. Its time to correct these Marxist views schools are propagandizing our children with.


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    TheZyzzybalubah October 28, 2015

    sowhat is correct. Patriotism is a disease. A hysterical mental disorder of tribalism and blind loyalty to sociopaths, criminals, and serial killers. Why the hell would I care if it gets banned in one of these hitler youth prison camps?

    I can remember many a traumatic memory of being forced to participate in the pseudo-religious worship of “pledging allegiance”, an unholy prayer to a bloodsoaked piece of fabric. I would refuse to stand up and the teachers would scream, intimidate, and bully into compliance.

    The American flag offends me and why wouldn’t it offend you? It stands for slavery, massacre, criminality, revolving-door kings & queens by any other name, gangsterism, banditry, armed robbery, brutality, tyranny, and human ownership.

    I think we are all a lot safer when people aren’t worshiping and waving gang signs.

    The purpose of public schools is to indoctrinate you into the religion of Statism. The world’s most dangerous cult. The idea that rulers own your body and you are only allowed to live by their grace and on their terms, because they have legions of men with guns who will blindly obey their every scribble, kill you, or lock you in a cage.

    Taxation is armed robbery. Statism is a criminal monopoly protection racket, period.

    There is only 1 law and that is DO NO HARM unless harmed against.
    Nation States are an illegal entity funded by fraud and violent coercion.

    Research: Voluntaryism

    I hope I never have to see that flag or hear some religious rhetoric about a 200-year old parchment written in secrecy by slave owners again. Good riddance.

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    sowhat October 26, 2015

    Should ban all forced patriotism things, like flags and the anthem, look at what patriotism has done, it has allowed NWO to go the distance.

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