The Amazing Recovery of Natalie Hammond – Sandy Hook Hoax

The Amazing Recovery of Natalie Hammond – Sandy Hook Hoax

This is the amazing and official story as published and recorded by the Connecticut State and Sand Hook 911 dispatch.

The story begins with our unnamed (parent?) trapped in room number 9 with 5 other adults, one of whom is Natalie Hammond and she has just told everyone “I have been shot twice”, and fell to the floor.

Listen as Natalie Hammond goes from barley breathing to “she seems to be ok” with no one applying pressure to her wounds to stop the blood!

Natalie Hammond Update:
This video was released to help promote the story of Natalie Hammond. This was done less than 3 months after the Sandy Hook event!

Right from the official report located here: Official Sandy Hook Case Files

Exhibit 349 –¬†StartTime 2012-12-14 14-36-0 Logger 45170321 Channel 3 RadioREDACTED.wav

Link to article: Sandy Hook survivor’s wit and will a weapon for her wounds

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  1. Avatar
    just curious June 21, 2016

    Don’t know what really happened there but whenever these shootings occur, watch for the crime scene to be contaminated or even wiped. The Sandy Hook school was demolished and no one apparently saw the bodies being removed; only empty START tarps lying on the ground. And WTC was cleaned up and the scrap shipped to China.

  2. Avatar
    willow February 19, 2014

    Isn’t it absolutely amazing how FAST these injured shooting victims RECOVER….Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing and so on……Just amazing…..

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