The Awakening

The Awakening

Pause often to read the video:

Here is a story of one persons pursuit to the truth. One step at a time, from realizing there is something wrong, to beginning commenting and then to making a video. This is her first video, so lets encourage her to continue on her journey knowing we are NOT alone in this Resistance. We encourage those who are in the process of Awakening to the reality “All Is Not As It Seem” there are indeed others who see what your seeing and as well want to expose the deceptions of the “New World Order”.

So comment to her and Sub if you like her video. Support is so important to get connected with others of like mind.
Junelle Mary


Video Description:

This is a piece of myself.


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    Peter T. February 24, 2015

    Junelle, you did a great job, I for one will be looking forward to seeing you do more. Your journey has allowed you to establish a solid foundation of knowledge and awareness that you are able to now use to create a message that can be comprehended, and enjoyed. That,s not so easy do without a real understanding of what it is we struggle against. Your saying you’ve been waking-up over the course of some years to get to yourself awake enough to produce this video. What I’m saying is those years were well spent because your video does deliver a message loud and clear I thank you and applaud your effort. Keep the faith. fight the good fight and God Bless. PTM

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