The Boyd ‘Camper’ Murder – Cop Snuff Film or Staged Agitation Propaganda

A storm of controversy begins when Albuquerque police murder James Michael Boyd for ‘illegally’ camping on public lands. Video at first seems to confirm that he was shot down by police to whom he clearly posed no threat. But exactly WHY would police voluntarily release such video in the first place? Don’t we usually have to go through endless court orders and FOIA demands FIRST – if we ever see anything at all (examples: Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook, Navy Yard, etc…)? Or is there a simpler explanation?

Once one sees the REAL connections of this so-called “homeless man”, the police story falls apart very quickly and thoroughly indeed.

“Agitation propaganda” is a broad term – which encompasses more than what we know as a false-flag attack. It is actions or drama or images meant to target emotions directly, without any overt appeal to reason. It is meant to goad groups of people into action in this way.

Might it be that the Boyd murder is a staged event – meant to intimidate the public, as well as to stimulate defenders of individual rights, into statements or actions they might not otherwise make? The recently revealed “Capstone” exercise (for April 2014), trains DHS personnel and other agencies, for detection and purge of such freedom-respecting people from the ranks of government. Could the Boyd murder be the beginning of staged media events, meant to provoke such people to reveal themselves?


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