The Garner Strangling – is it MORE Agitation Propaganda?

The Garner Strangling – is it MORE Agitation Propaganda?

A closer look at the Eric Garner “chokehold strangling story.” Apparently, not all is what it seems …

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sharptonSource: Washington CBSlocal

[NEW UNSEEN VIDEO] NYPD Chokehold Death : Eric Garner Chokehold Death

While Sharpton insights racial division this video shows a very different view of what went on during Garner confrontation with police. Notice there is no evidence of Garner selling anything on the street. There is however towards the end a very public display by Garner in regard to drawing everyone’s attention to the scene. Also notice the police never actually stated why they were confronting Garner.

Take notice in the video of the many under cover police that surround this scene. Note there are many there to control the scene and to keep most of the public away. However the person taking the video is not stopped from recording.

When EMT comes onto the scene it is very strange they do not actually assist in the patients breathing and they ask Garner to get up and get onto the stretcher. Does this follow the narrative that Garner died on the scene from a choking? No, it seems the EMS sees Garner as faking and no apparent reason for his lack of response. You would think they would preform CPR or assisted breathing techniques to the victim however they do not.

From the beginning to the end this seems to be a spectacle designed to draw attention. At the end the person taping says “All he did was break up a fight” Nothing about selling cigarettes or being a harassed street seller. Also notice Garner never discusses with the police that he tried to stop or had just broken up a fight.  All of this video contradicts the official story and focus on what really happened. It presents more questions to the validity of what actually happened in regard to the confrontation and Garners apparent death.

Was the failure of Browns death not enough to anger the country and this event then created to insight racial violence? You be the judge.


Video Description:

Another video has surfaced online of Eric Garner, a New York man who died after an NYPD officer put him in a chokehold in broad daylight on Thursday.
In the new video, Staten Island resident, 43-year-old Garner, appears unconscious or dead as officers stand around him, keeping him rolled onto his side.

Witnesses at the scene remark that police aren’t doing enough to save Garner’s life in the video.

“Now they’re trying to get him an ambulance, after they harassed and slammed him down,” a woman taking the video says. “[The] NYPD harassing people for no reason, he didn’t do anything at all.”

Police said Garner “took a fighting stance” and was resisting an arrest for allegedly selling untaxed cigarettes when he suffered a heart attack and died.

Medical examiners have not yet released an official cause of death.

In video obtained exclusively by The New York Daily News, an officer can be seen wrapping his arm around Garner’s neck in a chokehold position and throwing him to the ground.

Garner desperately shouts “I can’t breathe!” multiple times before going silent.

In the new video, an emergency medical service worker can be seen taking Garner’s pulse and attempting to talk to him.

“Why is no one doing CPR?” a witness at the scene asks.

“He’s breathing,” an officer responds back.





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