The Hugo Chavez Deception

The Hugo Chavez Deception

Part 1

The Hugo Chavez Deception – “Conspiracy Theorist” Populist Chavez Murdered?

The Hugo Chavez Deception – “Conspiracy Theorist” Chavez’s Story is often distorted by western media- for many obvious reasons.

Hugo Chavez was making the West look like money-hungry crooks, raping their citizens for money, while making life for his people much more amenable.

The first part of the Hugo Chavez Deception looks at a few of the differences between the “developing nation” of Venezuela and the “developed nation” America regarding simple traffic lights and gas prices, and then goes on to get into some deeper politics-

including Chavez accusing the US of involvement in 9/11, Chavez looking to “weather warfare weapons” causing the Earthquake in Haiti, Chavez’s mocking of American media, and Sean Penn’s views on Chavez.


Part 2

The Hugo Chavez Deception – Part 2 – Media Lies and the US Backed Coup:

Long before Hugo Chavez was telling the world the truth about 9/11 and other “conspiracy theories” many of which are true and never spoken about on American media, he was resisting a US backed coup that attempted to oust him –

This coup was largely covered up in American media, but eventually even some government insiders admitted to it. Even after finally admitted American involvement in the coup, those behind it here in the US and Spain claimed we were never going to do anything violent, just fund the opposition.

Having failed in their coup attempt, the American mainstream media (which most of us realize is just a propaganda arm of the government) later tried their hardest to vilify Hugo Chavez and make him out as a drug addicted dictator, who was “just as dangerous as Osama Bin Laden” and other lies.

America funded many of the media outlets in Venezuela and paid them to talk about removing Chavez from power, and even talked about having him killed- Something that would never be allowed on US television talking about our president.

The American mainstream media not surprisingly forgets to say anything good about Chavez- such as his lifting a large part of his population out of poverty, increased medical care, lower costs on basic consumer goods and gasoline- as well as a program Chavez set up to send 100 gallons of free heating oil to every American who needs it and can’t afford it, saving many Americans from freezing to death.

The program set up by Chavez to send free heating oil to America’s poor helped about 500,000 people annually, yet was never talked about in mainstream media for obvious reasons.

This section of the series borrows heavily from the Oliver Stone documentary “South of the Border” which can be watched in entirety here: Oliver Stone Documentary


Part 3

Hugo Chavez Deception Part 3 – Haiti Earthquake Caused by a Weapon, and Dislike of Israel

Part 3 Looks at Chavez’s views that Haiti was struck with an earthquake weapon (likely talking about HAARP) in an attempt to destabilize the country, and take advantage of their enormous oil wealth.

Haiti is said to have more oil than even Venezuela, which is currently the world’s 5th largest producer. Haiti is also rich in mineral wealth.

The “Aid missions” sent by the United Nations after fund-raising efforts did more harm than good, as now Cholera has been introduced to Haiti (there were no cases in Haitian history before the UN showed up) – The UN of course is “above the law” and can kill off thousands of people “accidentally” without repercussions.

Now, American companies are moving into Haiti, just as planned, and are building large refineries in the name of “saving Haiti”.

The second part of this video goes into Chavez’s speeches against the US and Israel imperialism and hypocrisy on a grand public stage, something many leaders fear doing.

Were a courageous leader like Hugo Chavez around today, he would definitely be speaking out against the aggression against the Palestinian people, just like he had even before this latest act of aggression took place. He also claimed the Israeli Mossad were trying to kill him and had agents in Venezuela.. perhaps they ultimately succeeded.

The final part of the video starts the topic of the many “calls for assassination” of Chavez which will lead into the last, and final segment of this series, the media attempting to brainwash the American people into expecting, and hoping for Chavez’s death, and his theories on who was trying to kill him.


Part 4

This Part of The Hugo Chavez Deception is really going to piss a lot of people off, I completely understand that, because this part challenges the pre-conceived notion regarding who Fidel Castro actually was and also makes people think this is somehow anti-Semitic, which it really isn’t.

I expect this to really upset people – especially those who are between the ages of 45-70 years old, who were thoroughly propagandized regarding who Fidel Castro actually was and him being an “enemy” who will have a knee-jerk reaction to this information which conflicts with their beliefs regarding Cuba.

If Cuba is such a threat, why can people so easily travel to communist China? Does tiny, poor Cuba really pose that much of a threat to America, or are they just playing their Orwellian role as “enemy”?

Part 4 of the Hugo Chavez Deception starts with an interview between Larry King and Hugo Chavez where Larry King has the audacity to ask why Chavez is spending money on his military.

Chavez points out how obviously hypocritical this question is- as the United States spends more on its military than any other country on Earth.

It is also obvious that the United States backed a coup against Hugo Chavez, so why shouldn’t he invest in more military armaments? He would be naive not to do so, after his life was threatened in an undemocratic and illegal coup attempt by the US.

If the US wasn’t constantly attempting to overthrow and assassinate democratically elected leaders, investments in military wouldn’t be necessary to such a great extent.

The video then goes into Chavez’s choice of going to Cuba for medical treatment. This decision seems to have been a bad one for such an outspoken critic of Israel, as Fidel Castro did not feel the same way regarding Israel. It is a not so well known reality that Fidel Castro was of Sephardic Jewish origin, and was a friend of Israel, berating the Iranian president for his views on Israel. Castro was also allowed to take power via CIA intervention.

Cuba in fact was the worst place for Chavez to seek treatment, a nation run by a man who is in fact Jewish, supported Israel, and who was put into power by the United States only to play the role “mortal enemy” and continue the psy-op that we call the “cold war.”

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