The ISIS Conspiracy

The ISIS Conspiracy

Taking a look at full disclosure. Using the Mainstream Medias owns words to show you exactly who, what, where and why ISIS was created.

The following videos are very well done using the reports of the MSM’s articles and quotes, on who created the ISIS groups. The plans are laid out for all to see in small segments and reports showing the outline for the public on the agenda. “They” (the powers that want to be) always have to give a bit of truth within the lies. This is their belief that thus they have warned us. Here were the warnings given and ignored by the public.

Putting it all together is Brandon Martinez excellent outline of these strategies. Well worth the time to watch.

Part 1

Part 2


If you have ever wondered why the Mainstream news has never come out and told us who created, organized and financed ISIS, these videos leave no doubt. If you rely on the fact it’s not true unless the Mainstream says so, well here it is all given to you on a silver platter, straight from the MSM Goats Mouth. MSM is fully taken over by those not compassionate to the Citizens of North America. There has been a coup and foreign entities have taken over the our Governments. Make no mistake traitors walk the halls of North American Government’s and are now in full control. Will we continue to allow this atrocity to continue?

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    Scott December 03, 2015

    It is appreciated. We’re many and they are few… there is no time to ignore any of this by anyone the whole thing is hideous. and UTUBE: David Icke and the Elephant in the room.
    The world human condition must be “bioremediated” The world must dissolve into a Spirutual-Civilization, away from this Euro-Westernized-CIVIL-FAILURE

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