The Joan Rivers Death Conspiracy?

The Joan Rivers Death Conspiracy?

Pay attention to the news report saying Joan Died on September 4th.

A Deception?

Now check this video out! It was posted on the 28th of August 2014. The comments and video reflect the time line of this post. We can see in this screen capture the post was made on August 28, 2014.

Screen Shot of Current URL


URL for the tribute that looks like it was put out on the 28th by a news site.

Now here is where it gets a bit strange the post was uploaded on Aug 28 and saved (basically changed) on August 30, 2014 :


Lets Look at the time of 12:14:15 on Aug 30th when a change was made (it could have been a spelling error to an added link) either way here was the title:

JoanBdescription121415 The Post was changed again at 12:14:17 and saved here it is at that moment:


We can see the second date change times here:


The post was changed and saved again on Sept 1, 2014 @ 20:35:56 and the post had this title:

JoanDSept1203556Please note at the top of all of these on the WayBackMachine the original url for the video is always the same. Now lets look at the time stamp and last save @ 22:21:55

JoanESept1222155Notice the one line in all the Posts of “Joan Rivers rushed to hospital Can’t Don’t breathe Hospitalized operation Hospital Sick body 8/28/2014 Joan Rivers Stops Breathing dies died dead in Surgery In NYC NY New York City”

The title changes are suspicious the general statement is on each however this channel was very small to start with.

This whole article is based on a chatroom converstaion on A chatter dropped the link of the video above and they noticed something strange about the channel that placed the video. Here is part of that conversation:


All great points on zadeth’s behalf and a great tip. Checking into this further the site does have a massive amounts of views with the sub base they have as well as the short period of time they have been up. Is this a plant misdirect site to have ppl focus on Hoax’s at random times? You decide. Here is a picture of their current views based on their current subscriber base.



3 weeks and that many views WOW REALLY!


eanwhile channels who try very hard to post theĀ  truth (without ^ these seemingly deceptive measures) and fact check while working their behinds off for the sake of getting to the bottom of issues are censored, deleted and lost down the memory hole.

Here are a few channels who did not take these deceptive measures:

They sure brought her to the forefront prior to the death:

When I die:

Yep over and over they planned it out in every detail:

I am sure this is what the fiasco will be, when they do have the services.


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  1. Avatar
    Sam Reynolds December 26, 2016

    The Russianvids video on you tube proves that indeed Joan Rivers attended Clive Davis’ party and left with him, this after she was supposedly dead. The voice, body language and face is unmistakable. It was Joan Rivers.

  2. Avatar
    the truth is good! September 09, 2014

    even her ‘daughter”is a man,dude(look at her….)

  3. Avatar
    the truth is good! September 08, 2014

    and of course ALWAYS is FAMILY GUY involved…THAT’S WHY IT IS ALSO A FAKE DEATH!!(boston marathon hoax,paul walker fake death hoax,robin williamis fake death hoax,and JOAN RIVERS FAKE DEATH HOAX!

  4. Avatar
    the truth is good! September 08, 2014

    first of all JOAN RIVERS IS A MAN(from birth)…second:her “death”is a hoax!!just like robin williams “death” is a HOAX!(come on…she “died”1.17 pm=9,she is 81=9,on the same day there were rumours betty white did “died”she is 92=11……9-11 programming!(joan rivers is alive,a zionist,and a man,dude)IT’S ALL A DISTRACTION,MINDCONTROL,….(please do your own research,and begin by jungle surfer on you tube: see all the joan rivers video’s)by the way the jazzy,soul popstar from the 80’s,90’s SADE is also a man,dude…and of course the british “princess”PRINCE: kate middleton is also a man,dude….and of course michael obama…..

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