The Life of Adam Documentary- Coming XMAS Day!

The Life of Adam Documentary- Coming XMAS Day!

Video Description:

A new IMS documentary to watch, share, download and distribute. From the makers of “We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook”

What Do We Know about the Sandy Hook School Shooter?

From the group that brought you the ground breaking documentary and evidence “We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook”

Look forward to this new release the Life of Adam as a gift to all of you from Independent Media Solidarity

Also catch our interview with the creators of the upcoming documentary release.

Sandy Hook 3rd Anniversary Dec 15 2015 from Max Resistance on Vimeo.


Here are some of the fun promotional videos for this exciting upcoming documentary.


Crisis Drill:

Get Ready to Dance:


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  1. Avatar
    Mike December 27, 2015

    Ive heard it was released and taken down…any truth to that?

    • Avatar
      Max Resistance December 28, 2015

      No the release has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. We are still waiting for its release as well.

  2. Avatar
    tonya graham December 27, 2015

    I hope all is well too! I know you guys worked so hard on this and we were all looking forward to it but Im sure what ever it is it will work out but I know there are powerful people that do not want this to be seen Im sure. I pray all will be well and Thankyou for all that you do my true hero’s !!

  3. Avatar
    Courtney December 26, 2015

    Hi. It’s Dec 26. Excited to see this new documentary. The first a tour de force. Do you have an accurate release date? Thanks for your diligence.

    • Avatar
      Max Resistance December 26, 2015

      Currently we have been unable to reach TNN from IMS and are beginning to worry about him. He was scheduled to release it yesterday and no one has been able to contact him. We are worried. We hope all is well with Peter.

  4. Avatar
    doug December 22, 2015

    most most most excellent! all that you do and we are indebted to you all

    strange days have found us

    • Avatar
      Max Resistance December 23, 2015

      Thanks so much Doug. We appreciate your kind words for our hard work.

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