The Narcissist: Psychology of Demons

The Narcissist: Psychology of Demons


Cold, sadistic, hateful, murderous, beautiful, handsome, charming, unable to love, unable to feel empathy.
Narcissism, the psychology of demons.

1. Ollie Mathews:
2. Blossom O:…
3. FitFabAnd40:
4. Zain Arcane:…
5. Sam Vaknin:
6. Ross Rosenberg:…
*This is a RE-UPLOAD (due to copyright)

KJ aka ScariestMovieEver re-uploaded this video that explains so much of the mind set of most of the population now days. These people the “Narcissist” seem to be more of the norm than the strange or unnatural person. They are relentless and you can’t reason nor explain to them current event of today let alone relate on a personal level. This is a great compilation of various videos to explain this ever growing phenomenon, of selfishness, non-conscience and unreasonable demeanor. While you listen to this video the reality of many of these people you deal with each day, are in fact a huge part of your life.  Being much of what is explained it is evident you deal with these types of people on a day to day basis. They have no value from you unless they gain from knowing you or being associated with you. If they find no value in the relationship they then become aggressive and their demeanor changes to that of a bully or a antagonist. They try to devour you or your reputation or destroy relationships with others around you. They begin to seek you out and attach all things important to you. You know these people we have all dealt with them. When you find them showing their true colors it is always best to cut the ties that bind you and ignore their abuses towards you. We can learn much from this video of the mindset being put into play on a massive scale via the media, the selfie, the I AM mentality of EGO.

Many people don’t understand today that the Psychology and propaganda being pushed on our youth is that of a Narcissist mentality and think the absurdity is in you for not being self centered nor selfish. “They” Media, Entertainment and yes the education system are all pushing that your the only ONE that matters, they indicate no one else is more than yourself while what they should be teaching is we are all important and individuals with unique traits. I hope this video helps you see and identify these people in your lives and gives to the knowledge to move forward beyond their brash degradation of you before its to late to recover from their destructive force.


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