The Oklahoma City Bombing Anniversary Special

The Oklahoma City Bombing Anniversary Special

WHERE are the Oklahoma City Bombing Victims?



One of the most notorious mass murders of all time, is now clearly as a manufactured, faked event. Did the bomber Timothy McVeigh clear out the entire Murrah building BEFORE he set of his truck bomb… or was the whole thing staged by the Federal government? Those appear to be the only two options left, after witnessing the documented facts presented in this film.


Once one is aware of the truth, the Oklahoma City bombing fits very neatly into the continuing PATCON plan, hatched under the Clinton administration, in an attempt to frame patriot groups using faked terrorist events. This was the REAL nature of the “vast right-wing conspiracy” that Bill Clinton babbled about – it was an entity fabricated entirely by Clinton’s minions, and under his direction.

Eric Holder was U.S. Attorney 1993 and became Deputy Attorney General in 1997. Eric Holder played a key role in covering up the torture-murder death of Kenneth Michael Trentadue. A fifteen-year investigation by Jesse Trentadue (Kenneth’s brother) revealed that Eric Holder had covered up the murder of his brother in order to prevent congressional investigators linking the death, and eventually the Clinton Administration itself, to the Oklahoma City bombing.

Similar to Obama elevating Richard Serino in 2008 to reward him for his Boston Marathon Bombing plan, some suspect that Eric Holder’s interest in the Oklahoma City bombing and ultimate motive for the cover-up of Trentadue’s murder – and Clinton’s reward to Holder of a higher post – lie in Holder’s deep involvement in PATCON and the bombing. Certainly Obama put PATCON back into full swing with seemingly endless faked and false-flag attacks, along with his appointment of Eric Holder to Attorney General on December 1, 2008.

This pushes the known horizon of the Fake Death Industry years ahead of 9/11, clearly to 1995, in unbroken extension to the faked Stockton Schoolyard ‘massacre’.




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