The Resistance Round Table 04/22/2014

The Resistance Round Table 04/22/2014


Bringing Pieces Of The Puzzle To The Table:

RedPillRevolution: redpillrev_thumb                FreeAgentMedia: Free Agent Media Thumb

Nicholson1968: Nicholson1968     PoliceStateRadio: policestateradio_thumb_comp

ScariestMoviesEver: scariestmovieever_thumb_compressed    FreeRadioRevolution: JeffCthumb

FreedomFighters2127: FreedomFighter2127

Hang Out Producer – Brian Roberts: Brian Roberts

ChatRoom Mod – Teri: theGlobalNewsAndViews

Our Sponsor & Radio Stream-  FPRNLogo_thumb_comp

Your Host: UpNorthOfThe49th UpNorth

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