The Sacrifices A Star Must Make – For Fame

The Sacrifices A Star Must Make – For Fame


uper Bowl XLIX has come to a close. Nothing short of a massive mind control & ceremonial symbolic magic ritual over the worshiping of idol athletes and entertainment stars.

In years past the worst you could expect from a Publicist / Director or Manager was a visit to the infamous casting couch. While now it appears for fame and fortune to be yours, it will not only take hard work and dedication but the life of a loved one. How bad do you want it? What would you give to get it? Fame that is, riches and celebrity status like no others. Exactly what will you offer to obtain the divine admiration of countless people and looked upon as an idol in this lifetime? These stars crave for the attention of “US” the little nobodies in their lives and will sacrifice anything or anyone to gain money from sales and notoriety of recognition, from us little nobodies. lol Yet these so called powerhouse celebrities call us nothing, nobodies strange and crazy! We nobodies are the actual wants and needs of these psychopaths, they will literally sell their souls to so called powerful individuals, who in turn will help them gain our admiration. The power IS in the people, not in the ritual. Fools all of them! If we just turned them off they would be nothing… again… Remember if you buy their sells then you condone their sacrifices. Turn them off. Starve them out. Don’t let them have perceived ” illusionary” powers over you.

BlackChild makes an interesting connection to a recent death of a young women and Katy Perry. As well let us not forget the prior apparent sacrifices to previous events.


Remember the year before in in 2014:


AS well in 2012 an article on DailyMail came out that specifically made note that Whitney Huston was dancing to Madonna’s Super Bowl Performance… Five Days before her death.

Why would the specifically saying she was dancing to Madonna’s Performance if one had nothing to do with the other?


An important note to this is almost 2 years and 11 days (today) short of her mothers death Bobbi Kristien Brown is on her deathbed in an apparent incident that is nearly exactly the same as her mothers death.

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the only child of singer Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, was found by husband Nick Gordon unresponsive in a bathtub. The scenario was all too similar to the manner in which Houston died on the eve of the 2012 Grammy Awards. She is in a drug induced coma now.
A warning:

Bobby Brown’s Sister (Leolah) warns niece Bobbi Kristina Brown

Thanks for this past video.


You may well be asking well what about 2013 no one died then. Well the 2013 game ritual was basically a complete psyop by way of who performed during that game.


And don’t forget the massive Sacrifice Jennifer Hudson made to gain her fame & fortune. Her portion within the video is at the 7 minute mark.


Like we always say : “If you still believe in coincidences, then your simply not paying attention”

Ones response to this may well be, “Well People just die sometimes”! This can be true enough, however the various deaths and noticeable sacrifices are mostly of younger individuals in situations that don’t seem reasonable. Most of these deaths are centered around specific dates events and occasions specifically occult in nature. They are preformed to increase the outcome of the intendeds wants and desires. Wealth, Fame, Success in many aspects.

Personally I don’t believe these deaths have the power to do what the intended wants them to, however I do think those who believe they have power to enrich ones life, will gain from individuals who have power and have asked for their devotion through the sacrifice of choosing ones loved one to perish. In short the ones who demand a sacrifice can give you what you want, God forbid you then go against them. It is proof they will not hesitate to take your life next. Its the power of blackmail more than any given power by some super natural means.

Feature Image by: C l a u d i a S c h i r m e t z(Müller)


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  1. Avatar
    Angel February 02, 2015

    I beleive that who ever is puppetiering the fascade has both parties role playing too play mind games with the weak or untrained mind. Puppeteers change you wicked ways, there is only one too truly fear. So i don’t think you will be getting away with it much longer. You will be in my Prayers



  2. Avatar
    willowtree523 February 02, 2015

    *Oh this sooooo pisses me off. While Bobby Kris might of been fighting the drug demons the elite devil worshippers know this and USE her drug dependency to take her OUT!*

    Funny thing (although I’m NOT laughing) is whenever there’s a sacrifice it’s ALWAYS BLAME ON A DRUG OVERDOSE!*

    By the way excellent piece 49th.

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