The Shocking FAKE Life of Elliot Rodger – Crisis Actor

The Shocking FAKE Life of Elliot Rodger – Crisis Actor



lmost nothing you have been told in the government controlled media about Elliot Rodger is true. This is according to a thorough search of pertinent records. He had almost no residence in California, let alone Santa Barbara. The identity of both his mother and of his father is a lie. His real country of origin has been identified, with the help of his real mother. His principal residence and adoptive family have been located, but are not in California as supposed.

Elliot Rodger is a fake. The entire charade is now being exposed.

There are curious similarities between Rodgers junk BMW prop, and the Michael Hastings junk Mercedes prop. BOTH had major parts (suspension or transmission) unbolted at the junk yard, to give the fake effect (impossible in real life) of a MAJOR crash. (See Michael Hastings – The Man Who Was Never Born and Never Died and Fake Engine Planted in Michael Hastings Scam ) Are the same Hollywood prop hacks involved in both?


Question: Where did they get a mugshot of Elliot Prior to this event?















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