The Truth About The Election

The Truth About The Election

The Mainstream Media and others keeps trying to convince you Clinton received the popular vote and the Electoral College can take back the votes from the people, in order to put Hillary Clinton into the White House this next January 2017.

However once you inspect the real results from the official vote tabulation site WorldNow who is by definition the official source of election results.


Lets take a look at the real results based on the end all media standard for gathering detailed information and logistics on the election results.
This information was taken well after the voted counts were assessed as being fully tabulated according to Politico. Time stamps of these captures are on the original pictures.

We will compare the information released by Politico against that obtained directly from WorldNow.


2016 Run for the White House by MaxResistance on Scribd (Please scroll down each state and then view full results comparatives)


After reviewing that Clinton only had according to WorldNow 161 Electoral Votes compared to Trumps 377. Who do you now believe was the popular candidate. They prolonged various state released information to create suspense as well as to delay while they manipulated the numbers and sent them out to the other Mainstream Media broadcasters.

True Demographics:


Smoke and mirrors folks and the illusion or delusion’s of grander is far from over is Soros and his paid MoveOn/Black Lives Matters Gangs have anything to do with it. This is far from over. We know what tactics they use thanks to Project VERITAS we need to make sure they don’t steal it with another such angle.



Spread the above information within the Scribd document. With the information this kind of outcome (in the video below) will not even be close to possible. (We have tried for several days to upload the information in the document without success under titles such as Politico or WorldNow. They do not want this information out).


This is for those who called us crazy that the Hillary cover on Newsweek was just a test runoff.


Politicos release of false information via the media is allowed under the current governments standards.

Its time for the people to demand all assets confiscated from George Soros. He is a terrorist to the United States and the World at large. He has used his money and influence to design, develop and implement damaging and sometimes fatal protests towards populations and police in many countries. We need to demand his arrest and investigate his investors and imprison or hang the terrorists involved in financing this world wide.
Send President Elect Donald Trump this information by way of Tweets and FB. These efforts by George Soros to undermine the sovereignty of many nations by this terrorist group/organization must not go unpunished. Demand it! Seize his assets and close him down.

Veterans did not fight for Marxism



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  1. Avatar
    Michelle November 23, 2016

    I was looking over the data you provided and there are discrepancies. Maybe I’m reading it wrong so maybe you can explain. Let’s use Alabama for example. In your website you posted the results from Politico with Trump receiving 1,306,925 votes and Hillary receiving 718,084 vs. the Worldnews results @ 91% reporting with Trump getting 626,628 and Hillary at 706,626. However, when I click on the link you provided for the Worldnews site the votes are 100% reporting with the votes the same as politico’s numbers = Trump 1,306,925 Hillary 718,084. The total states grid on your website shows Hillary winning Alabama. That doesn’t make sense.

    Another example: Missouri – Your website is reporting Worldnews with Hillary getting 899,820 votes and Trump with 807,635 however the worldnews link reports Trump with 1,585,753 and Hillary with 1,054,889 votes (same as Politico)however, again, the total states grid shows Hillary winning the state of Missouri.

    This is the same with many other states as well.

    Can you explain the discrepancies?

    • Avatar
      Max Resistance November 24, 2016

      Only that once this was discovered and coverage happening the sudden change began. I captured those numbers 5 days or so after the election and was still 91% after the article the changes began to happen to reflect the MSM reporting. That is why I grabbed them as soon as I could to show the differences. I only reported what I was seeing after the election.

  2. Avatar
    john November 13, 2016

    fema camps built to contain PATRIOTS can now be used to contain all of the lib/progs that are rioting in Americas cities.
    wheres the national guard? an entire generation of lib/progs is off the hook and has no future in America. how long will PATRIOTS hold themselves back from self defense?

    .. obama golfs while America burns.

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