They Warn Us In Movies-Trident MH370

Not everything is a conspiracy..but when things don’t
make sense to the masses..its a signal between the Elite of
this world who have a language all their own..a language we are not taught and for good reason…POWER and CONTROL!
You destroy this temple..I will rebuild in 3 days..72 hours!

Permission to share..mirror whatever you need,,its not mine….its on loan from the Creator!

Hiram Abiff (other spellings “Huram”,”Abif”, and “Huram-Abi”; also
known as “the Widow’s Son”) is a character who figures prominently in an
allegorical play that is presented during the third degree
of Craft Freemasonry. In this play, Hiram is presented as
being the chief architect of King Solomon’s
Temple, who is murdered by three
ruffians during an unsuccessful attempt to
force him to divulge the Master


In the picture above is a screen capture from the movie “Man of Steel” which clearly shows MIA 6370 Which stands for Missing In Action March 6 flight 370. Warning us clearly in movies of their crimes by design to come.

ON THE BUS ROOF in the Movie Man of Steel It clearly indicates MIA 6370:

MIA = Missing In Action or “Malaysian International Airlines” or Missing International Airliner

MIA 6370 = Three Letters in MIA = 3 or March Flight 370 went missing on March 6.
So lets review MIA > March 6 > 6Th day 370 > Flight.

Although it does not say a flight the tell is the number for the elite to know that 370 was planned taken by design.
This indicates a premeditated crime or event.

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    mimi November 24, 2015

    More people need to be warned about tho corrupt government, the evil pope and the wicked illuminati!! Don’t bow down to the devil or these Satanists!! Serve the true God our creator of all living beings on earth and in heaven he and Jesus are the only ones to worship and bow down to!! No one else!! Come to Jesus he is the only way to God and heaven!!

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