This Says It ALL

This Says It ALL


he truth movement in large part has been effective in showing many of the sleeping masses what the problems of our world are and who are responsible. Those who are part of these groups, (trying to inform) are concerned they had so few numbers who actually understood the power structure, of those responsible for the many ailments of the world. This group feared being on the outside, being alone in this fight. Being part of a group of individuals who had a driving desire to explain the culprits for what they are felt a responsibility to be as accurate as possible in pointing out the core of those deceptive elites, in the hope innocents or misinformed puppets could change their ways and get on board with doing the right thing, for those they represent. We must admit we have given all those who are responsible time to repent of their misdeeds and put themselves on the correct path for those they represent in their corporations and Government jobs. They have not done so. We have given a massive amount of information to the public with enough evidence of conspiracy against the people to actually convict. Yet no police department nor legal council has taken action. We can only conclude they are also involved then and therefore guilty of wrong doing.

We (MaxResistance and others) receive emails every day pleading with us to help the sender correct an injustice done to them by the police,  school administrator, health care provider or politicians. We are not hero’s for pointing out the obvious, we are not your salvation. You have to be your own hero and step forward as well to correct the injustices being done to you. You have to go out and question others who have had the same injustice done to them and unite as a group to effect change. No one can do this for you, except you yourself. You have to take action in order to make a real change. I believe many fell for the propaganda of various Youtuber’s place in certain positions (gate keepers) to convince you your vote does not count so why vote. Well many fell for that lie. You DO count and your vote does to. You can make a change and hold those responsible in your State, County and Towns to make your vote effective. If you don’t take action you won’t initiate changes. Take back your power. Take back your count and insist your communities provide an actual paper ballad box rather than a rigged voting machine. Give your time to join the count to hold their feet to the fire when you see a misdeed by those we have been appointed for OUR best interests not theirs. We have to be proactive. “They” don’t want you at the ballad box or at their town meetings or county commissions. Join these groups and take them back. “They” used that tactic to infiltrate the commissions in the first place. Just Do SOMETHING To Make Change. Even if its to mark the ballad “You are not represented” or “I do not participate”. Something!

No one is asking for money, just a bit of your time. You are the value to implement change in a rotten system. If you can’t give that up then we are lost. Effect change by running for council in your town or running for mayor,  join your local gun club and the various committees they are involved with to effect change and keep their rights and yours. Without action nothing will change.

As for the following video I have to agree it is time to cut these people off at the ankles and take them out of their power structure. We see there is no law to protect “We the People”, the law is only to protect those with the most money.  These elites are given access to our Universities and Colleges by way of a gifted Doctorate to gain access to institutions, so they can dictate many of those institutional labs and students to their bidding. Its time to end these fake credentials without proper scholastic contributions by the recipient.

I agree some lynching would be in order, however a better solution is to place these criminals in their own designed prisons and mental institutions. They are criminals and psychopaths, they built the cages so lets give them what they want and place them there for their misdeeds. We don’t have to rely on the courts and appeals, these are their laws they created to cause confusion and non-conviction on their part. We did not vote on these criminal court appointments and unconstitutional creeds they developed to protect themselves from conviction.

If we just step back to our roots and follow the initiative of our founding documents we have more than enough legal means to convict. We need to begin to repeal their unjust laws back to our origin documents.  When you grab these criminals and place them into these prisons to await conviction then you make effect. If their bought out judges will not comply, then you throw them in as well for conflict of interests towards the criminals involved. You can not collect from both sides and expect to remain innocent. Payoffs are payoffs and if you have collected then your guilty and must be tried.

We have many people who have the best intentions of the country at heart. We have judges and legal whistleblowers available to us to convict those responsible of their crimes. We have enough evidence to enact a measure of warrants to tri these criminals. Its time to stand and make a call for conviction on criminal acts against “Bush” “Cheney” “Holder” “Brzezinski” “Kissinger” “Rockefeller” “Bernaki” “Harper” “Obama” “Baird” “Bill & Hillary Clinton” Bill & Melinda Gates” “Both Bilderberg attendees and commissioners” and the multitude  of well placed Supreme court member’s and Military Generals. The list is massive and the evidence is viable against them all.

When will we commence and how should we begin? That is the critical question!

We leave you with this thought.


To the Youtube Community Seeking Truth


A Short List of Many Responsible:



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    Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel February 09, 2015

    Why are you and your supporters intent upon labeling (stereotyping) the enemy (opposition), “Zionism,” / Zionists?

    Look up the words Zion and Zionists in a world dictionary. Are you attempting to re-make the definition? Aren’t you content in exposing those groups, which are strategically involved in the creation of the NWO?

    You’ve hit upon a Scriptural word and are making it anathema because of some individuals who are Jewish – and, who are involved in the NWO. Your catcall of “Zionists” gets old. Your catcall condemnation of “Zionism” is illogical. You generalize.

    And, don’t tell others and me that you have no problems with Jews. You can’t take the same word the Divine Revelation of Scripture uses, and then molest it for your own purposes as an excuse, pretext and / or rationalization to rally against the diabolical New World Order!

    • Avatar
      UpNorthOfThe49th February 10, 2015

      Are you objecting to the article? The Video? The Author? Zionism is a political crutch! The Biblical reference is actually Sion in the Scriptural word. Are you proposing Zionists are not responsible as a major contributor to the NWO? Are you proposing Zionism is actually some religious organization? The rational in your objection is vague. Ask Joe Binden he made the statement “You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist” so proposing a specific race is specifically Zionists is illogical…

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