Time & Space: Corrupted Reality

Time & Space: Corrupted Reality


TruthMediaRevolution covers an array of topics onĀ  strange anomaly’s of our time reality. If many of you remember a few years ago AbelDanger and ChrissySumer began uncovering the hot Topic of SERCO a corporation that seemingly came out of nowhere yet it was revealed they owned most operations around the world.

At the time many of us were struck by the anomaly that we had never heard anything about this company, yet they hold every aspect of our service sectors and society functions. Their investigations revealed SERCO was controlling everything from U.K Trash collectors to the highest echelons of secret security satellites and CTV camera operations. They are the leading administrative council in control of the worlds health care to delivery services, trains, planes, traffic. They came out of nowhere and ran everything. It was amazing to see just how much control they had over seemingly everything.

Lets take a look at some other strange instances where time seems to have gone in a strange direction without our actual conscious knowledge of the changes, yet these changes are there just the same.

TruthMediaFilms cover an array of topics from the 88’s to time displacement and concepts on how these changes might have occurred.

TIME & SPACE: The Case of the Vanished Year – Corrupted REALITY

Just to add a bit of information provided to our Facebook messages from a viewer. They found this segment from the T.V. Guide:

Bstien Bears2

TIME & SPACE: CERN, Saturn & The Fabric of Reality (Final Trailer)

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For those of you who think this is an impossible concept:

Does Time Really Exist? – Universe Documentary

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