Transformers – “More Than Meets The Eye”

Transformers – “More Than Meets The Eye”

This video is an in depth examination into the movie franchise “Transformers.” In this video I discuss the exoteric and esoteric interpretations of the movies and cartoon to discover the hidden meanings behind them. Included in this examination are key points discussing Saturn worship, cube symbolism, fallen angels, aliens beings, star-gates, Masonic symbolism, trans-humanism, the New World Order, and more.

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When we look into some of the symbolism within many of the promotional material of the newest release of Transformers. We find a few significant details of messaging within them.

For Example:


The graphics within this picture indicates a being or as the movie wants you to believe a savour from another planet here to rescue the people of earth from the Transformers. If you notice the ship in the background is that of what seems to be a scorpion. We have seen this image countless other times. Especially within the short film I Pet Goat II.

As you can see a Scorpion in the background with a fire ball coming in to destroy things.


It is a reoccurring theme of the scorpion associated with destruction of man or rejuvenation of rebirth from the flames.

Much like the snake eating its tail we often see a scorpion surrounded by its tail. All depicting the circle of life and renewal.



When we look at the various Transformer Promotional posters we see destruction or extinction and if you notice it is to the cities and the people not to the actual Transformers.


The background shows destruction to the cities and man.




Again hinting at the extinction of man.



transformerspeopleThere are many many posters that show this type of theme.



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