Turkish TV Series airs episode of beheading!

Turkish TV Series airs episode of beheading!


Turkish Espionage Crime Drama; Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu using predictive programming to show ISIS BEHEADINGS

Turkish Espionage Crime Drama; Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu( valley of the wolves) copying ISIS BEHEADINGS

Below is a trailer link to a new season starting tomorrow.

Mimicking a “real” life event cements the programming of the TV on the viewer, as it blurs the lines between reality and fiction. SOAP drama story lines reflect real life events and discuss topics as this is effective in the notion that the characters are real on a sub conscious level.

Further Investigation: by ProfessorDoom1

check out the shows trailer here.

Just from what I could find out about this Turkish television show has lead me to believe it is well within the realm of controlled by the elite within the Bolly or Holly Wood designers. I found an interesting segment while pursuing the series and came up with this little tidbit.

Sharon Stone and Andy Garcia on a Turkish Television Series? Yep two of the well known entertainment controlled puppets of deceit and deception, Stone (always the slut) and Garcia (always the Mafia Boss) are deep into the  series and according to this propaganda piece consider themselves as GODS. These old sellouts are finding a revived life in a series that pushes criminal activity and police brutality to the limits.



I can’t make this stuff up. They (Stone & Garcia) come across in the series as the controllers of the world. Sound familiar? It should when you consider who they seem to be depicting from real life.

“The Rothschilds”


Awe! What a nice normal looking couple. Interesting about their pictures, although you can find their names on Wikipedia their pictures do not show up. For all we know these two are actually actors in their place.

I am noticing with frequency pictures of various Elite Characters seemingly disappearing off of Wikipedia.org. Search various elites and you will find the same. Their pictures of what appears to have been presented to us as their characters are visible online however not on Wikipedia. I just found that interesting. We are invariably presented with pictures and meetings of these people all the time.  However we really don’t know if the people shown to us are actually the real individuals or actors portraying those they are paid to protect and hide. After all you can’t have the richest people in the world hunted down and recognized on site, once their crimes become public knowledge. It has been done various times throughout history, the elite hide behind doubles or impostors to protect themselves from the ravishes of the public, once crimes are recognized.


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