United Way / Sandy Hook – Follow The Money

United Way / Sandy Hook – Follow The Money


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This is pretty much all I have found for now i have someone else also perusing the documents to see if anything more can be gleaned. Hope you enjoy
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rofessor Doom makes an excellent observation regarding the questionable funds coming into the non-profits associated with United Way. Why is the money so balanced while there are very sever tragic events playing out? Obviously we would think there would be increases and decreases to amounts pouring into United Way for the sake of various events like Hurricane Sandy and other events in that time period.

This is all food for thought when it comes to your donation dollars and how they are being used. It seems they are very vague on those details as well.

A reminder that United Way was under heavy questioning during the 9-11 donation drive. Multiple times questions or concerns were brought up regarding the donations and allocation of funds. What happened in those cases? Nothing much other than a quiet redirect into another crisis drive on another event. No one seem accountable now days.

Our recommendation is to give locally or directly to people in a specific area or on specific projects, check them all out before you do so. Big names does not always mean honest dealings. Its a slippery slope when trying to give a helping hand.


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    CheLank January 15, 2015

    Major Donation/Charity groups regularly siphon/launder 70-90% of the funds or more into their own pockets. Groups like “The Red Cross” have been caught doing this repeatedly. This is common practice, and people need to know that most of these groups are a fraud. Do not donate to ANY major charities, always donate to the victims directly. Remember when G.W. Bush and others were saying “don’t send blankets and relief items directly to the Haitians after that major earthquake? There was a reason for that… They want your money. These groups are known money laundering operations and it’s all perfectly legal “on the books”.

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    pat January 04, 2015

    What the hell was that about? Clear as milk.

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