Uranium hexafluoride release tonight at Honeywell Works, Metropolis, IL.

Uranium hexafluoride release tonight at Honeywell Works, Metropolis, IL.


There was a confirmed uranium hexafluoride release at Honeywell Works in Metropolis, IL at 8pm tonight. Sirens have sounded and Honeywell guards have told people to shelter in place, close windows, and turn off A/C.

The Honeywell Works converts raw uranium into uranium hexafluoride. It is then pumped across the Ohio River to the Paducah plant, for the manufacture of nuclear fuel for nuke power plants.

There were two major releases of UF6 (uranium hexafluoride) from this plant in May 2012, they were covered here at:

Uranium hexafluoride releases at Honeywell Metropolis Works, May 2012. Part 1.

Uranium hexafluoride releases at Honeywell Metropolis Works, May 2012. Part 2.

UF6 is very dangerous. For one thing, it is a neutron emitter like plutonium. The hydrofluoric acid that is created on contact with water vapor is corrosive and deadly. You don’t want to breathe this stuff.

It was noted to be moving west from Metropolis. Wind maps indicate that the wind is from the southeast, so the plume would be moving northwest. Cape Girardeau MO and St Louis MO, or points in between, would seem to be where it is headed. And it won’t stop there.

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This may very well be a ploy to blame the workers for asking for fair wages. The workers were on strike, this seems pretty suspicious as to why Honeywell continued plant operations without qualified workers, endangering the public.


he Workers have been on strike over the Right To Work principle. This allows migrant or any worker to bid a job. In other words if your job is of interest and the Corporation can get immigrants to do your job at a cheaper rate then you can either meet or beat the other person bidding on your job. This is a great concept the corporations are arranging as it is just a fast race to the bottom of the wage rates. Ask yourself would you like this to happen at your workplace. Well its on its way. Currently under the new corporate propositions anyone can bid your job. Even unqualified workers. The unions strive to give dangers plants proper personnel to get the job done with certainty. However if you allow unqualified workers to obtain those jobs then this is the result.
Meanwhile Honeywell complains over the wage increases workers have demanded for working in such harsh and dangerous situations, all while they rake in massive amounts of cash to the corporate coffers.

Here:  Honeywell

Would you NOT want unqualified workers doing this job? Would you do this job? The health hazards and risk factors are high. So before you scream about Union Members getting high pay, as the question what your local banker or politician makes to sit in their low risk offices. Fair pay for fair work should be the standard and if we can’t compete with markets outside of the country then let those countries pay their workers what they should be worth. Decreasing our wages only leads to a crumbled economy. They have twisted this to blame the qualified workers stance. Always remember great men died on the picket line to get you a minimum wage standard and like the constitution they want to shred that mandate as well.


Their answer to this release:




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