URGENT UPDATE – Ottawa Shooting, CBC Caught Embellishing A Fabricated Story

URGENT UPDATE – Ottawa Shooting, CBC Caught Embellishing A Fabricated Story



45 Minutes later CBC redacts their story after we break this information:


f they are lying about this portion of the story then how can we trust their reports on the rest of the story. It is becoming very obvious this event is not what it has been portrayed as. The facts and evidence are not lining up with what has been reported or presented by the media nor the police. It is imperative the facts come out about this propagandized story, which has been concocted to take our rights and freedoms. If you truly want to know what is behind this event, regardless of if (you feel) an innocent life may or may not have been lost. They are using this individuals name to take the last of our freedoms based on what seems to be a fabricated event, designed and orchestrated by nefarious individuals within our government. Only those who have direct connections with the police, RCMP, Parliament and Media could have pulled such a ruse off.

I urge you to listen to what has been outlined in the following presentation. Remember the billions we have provided for the Canadian Security forces has not been enough. The last provision is to re-design the Canadian Bill of Rights and Canadian Constitution. We have progressively seen our rights and freedoms infringed upon and it is time to stop this illegal activity.

We just lost well over 175 news papers bought out by an American firm. Now who controls the flow of Canada’s media reporting? We no longer have a valid bias reporting agency in Canada outside of citizens investigative efforts. Please listen carefully to what is transpiring on your behalf towards your future rights and freedoms.



We Need a free and independent investigation into this misconduct by the CBC as well as the false reporting coming out of Parliament and the RCMP.

Calm heads must prevail.

We will be again holding an emergency Round Table talk on Sunday November 2, 2014 to go over the new revelations we have uncovered.

Please tune in Sunday November 2, 2014 @ 9pm EST in our live chat area here on MaxResistance.com/chatroom

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    Gerald.(Russian Connection) November 02, 2014

    Keep up the good work. I’ll see if I will get detained. Next Christmas my family will be going to Caribianne trip. I’ve been passing along the info to many.

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