US Navy Tenth Fleet

US Navy Tenth Fleet

A casual conversation with Arron from PoliceStateRadio,Teri from TheGlobalNewsAndViews and UpNorthOfThe49th. Observations and research indicate the U.S. Navy’s 10th Fleet is the command and control mechanism to which all factions of military report. These connections of logo’s play into the theme of recognizing the Trident within many of their badges.

This conversation focus’ on the aspect of the logo’s representative of the 10th fleet command. Air, Water, Communications, Data Collection and Space are all connected to the 10th Fleet. The tip of the spear seems to indicate the 10th fleet command as being all that is says, Command headquarters for all military factions.

The 10th Fleet runs deep in regard to who they control. H.A.A.R.P, Space Design and Development to all Data and Communications collection, from the abyss of space to sea.


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