US Power Grid Blackout Fear Mongering

The main stream, urine stream media wants you to believe that there can be a legit grid down blackout across the entire country. This is far from the Truth. It is interesting that ENE News reported on the attach back in April of 2013, during or around the time of the Boston Bombing.
ENE News pulled the story almost immediately, however not before Mary Greenley and Pinksapphiret of Youtube channels, had a chance to report on it
We contacted these Youtube outlets and they recall the article however did not associate it with the reports of today. We have
both reporters going back in their archives to find the reports, if successful in finding these reports we will link them further
in this article.

Questions arise as to why they held this report for this length of time and did not report it prior to now. We beleave it has a lot
to do with their agenda’s and scare tactics. We have contacted ENE News directly and have had no respose to date from them.

Understanding the premise of this timing is critical. Are they fear mongering to rally support or set up a future amazing rescue by the
Obama camp. Possibly. Our current view is they are setting up to stage such another False Flag based on their past track record. – Video by Cy Mullholland

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    Nora Marginean February 25, 2014

    Just as I thought, would this be in your estimation a 72 hour notice to get out of Dodge or do you think we will even have that much time ? Either this or a bank glitch scenario ?
    On an earlier article on controlled opposition regarding Alex Jones, would like your opinion on Greene Wave TV ?

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