Uzi Hoax – Little Girl Shoots Instructor Up CLOSE – or Not

Uzi Hoax – Little Girl Shoots Instructor Up CLOSE – or Not
This Video is being Censored Big Time!


The media get played again. Willingly?

A little innocent girl with an Uzi submachine gun, and the world’s stupidest gun instructor, team up to stage the latest FAKE anti-gun propaganda… or just another socialist with a laptop and an editor?

The simplicity with which the media are conned is perhaps more frightening than the supposed event itself. It comes down to TWO video frames – which if anything, prove that the story that comes with them is FAKE. The rest is dubbed audio, obviously fake on the face of it.

W H O I S B E H I N D I T ?
“Children in most states are legally allowed to fire any type of gun while supervised, but the question is should they be?

DAN GROSS from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence said no.

‘I think most sane people would net out that it does not make sense to have a 9-year-old having access like that to a machine gun,’ Gross said.”





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