Strange how a Youtuber who has been uploading tons of videos of the show Bernstain/Bernstein Bears also makes the mistake of listing his playlist with the ‘stein’. This doesn’t seem likely as he has uploaded many of these segments.

Berstein Bears1

The BerenSTEIN Bears Saturn PARADOX: “The Bad Dream”

TruthMediaRevolution give the comment & link: Lol, Simpsons featured the book as “berryStained bears”, and Simpsons wiki spells it STEIN which is funny.



A comment by jayone451  on the video as well states. Facebook Groups calls it:

bbears8 When a search is done on Ebay, these are the results:

bbears2bbears3 bbears4 bbears5 bbears6 bbears7


We leave it up to you. Are we mistaken in our memories of the name or has something actually changed? What do you THINK you remember? I know I honestly believed it to be Berenstein Bears.


A comment by stateanimal provided a link to the following article:

Released in June of 2014. Called:

the Wood between Worlds

On the Berenstein Bears Switcheroo

Two years ago, I wrote a post about one of the icons of my childhood, the Berenstein Bears.  Except, as I learned, they aren’t called the Berenstein Bears.  As it turns out, they’re the Berenstain Bears.BerenstAin.  With an “A”.My mind was blown.  I had very distinct memories of the bears.  I grew up reading their books and watching them on TV in school, and remember how it used to be spelled.  I tried to figure out when the name had changed.As it turns out, the name has never changed.  They have always been the Berenstain Bears.  Every physical book I had ever seen had said “Berenstain Bears”.  I have always been wrong.  Every scrap of physical evidence proves me wrong.

I was really struggling with this for days.  Solid days.  I felt crushed.  I remember how the name was spelled, in almost the same way that I know what cut grass smells like.  I went on about this for days, in particular to one very patient friend of mine, and how it made no sense and I can’t tell what is true or not anymore.

At nearly the same time, I was taking a class in quantum field theory, and happened to learn the concept of Euclidean spacetime in that context.  The idea of complex dimensions lead me to think of a world split into 16 distinct “universes.”

from xkcd

Combined with my existential angst over the spelling  of the bears, I thought of an explanation.  It was probably the silliest, most outlandish thing I’ve put forward, but I put if out there.  For those not familiar with it, I claimed that two of these “universes” in the complex-dimensional spacetime have two different spellings of the name.  I will henceforth call these Universe A and Universe E.  In Universe A, they are spelled “Berenstain”.  In Universe E, they are spelled “Berenstein”.  Whatever else is true, we currently live in Universe A.  However, at some point, it seems that some of us once lived in Universe E.  Now here we are, inexplicably in Universe A, and completely befuddled.

Since writing that post, it has been linked to on dozens of forums, by people every bit as bewildered and confused as I was.  As of today it has received over 100,000 page views, and at one point some 20,000 page views in a span of five minutes when it hit twitter.

Plenty of people have contributed their own experiences and added their own theories, so I thought that I would make this post to comment on everything that I have learned about the Berenstain Bears, time shifts, alternate realities, false memories, and the old books.  This is mostly meant to posterity, so that the next wave of people to discover this can see what else has been said about it.

1) Some people remember the spelling “Berenstain”.

On almost every forum I have seen so far, there has been at least one person to comment to the effect of, “You are all idiots, I remember it said ‘-stain’ from when I was a kid, I noticed it hundreds of times and never knew why people kept mispronouncing it.”  They usually say it in just that way, too.  They have memories of asking why the name was spelled with an “A” as a child, or being corrected on the pronunciation as a child, or some actual, tangible memory that anchors the spelling as always being with an “A”.

This doesn’t really disprove my hypothesis.  All it means is that those people are from Universe A.  I still have definite memories of Universe E.

And while it restores a certain amount of sanity (maybe I was wrong), it was also kind of jarring that people apparently remember the spelling with an A.  I expected some people to shrug, accept the new spelling, move on, and tell everyone else to get over it (such people are also common on forums).  But I didn’t expect anyone, at all, to ever remember the bears as spelled with an “A”.

To be perfectly honest, I fully expected that if it were ever possible to get in touch with Jan and Stan Berenstain, lately deceased, and ask them how to spell their name, that they would both begin detailing, in a rambled tone as sweat begins to pool on their brows, that their entire lives — their entire lives — they had thought that they had been writing their name “Berenstein”… but now they go, and they look at their old journals, their old letters, checks and documents they’ve signed… they see what they’ve written… and they’ve written their name wrong.  They’ve been writing it “Berenstain” all this time, and they thought they were writing “Berenstein”.  Their own handwriting is lying to them.

However, as they had both passed away, there was no way to ask them.  Maybe this was some cruel trick, that they’d be forever unavailable for comment the moment it was most critical to me?  Which bring me to my next point.

2) The Berenstains themselves insist the name has always been spelled “Berenstain”.

Very shortly after I published my blog post, I received a comment signed by Mike Berenstain.  I will reproduce the comment below:

I normally don’t comment on blogs about our family name but yours was so unusual and imaginative that I thought it only appropriate to add my thoughts. “Berenstain” according to our family lore was an attempt by an unknown imigration officer sometime in the late 1800s to reproduce phonetically a highly accented version of the tradtional Jewish name “Bernstein” as pronounced by my Father’s grandparents when they came to America from the Ukraine. In that linguistic region, the name tended to come out sounding something like, “Ber’nsheytn”. Since that’s how the name was originally documented, it has always been spelled that way by our family and it has always been misread and mispronounced by nearly everyone. It has always been “The BerenstAin Bears”. Your parallel reality theory is very resourceful but, unfortunately, by applying Occam’s razor, we arrive at the explanation that most people have just misread the name.Mike Berenstain (Son of Stan and Jan)

The comment was technically anonymous, but was signed.  I don’t know that it was really Mike Berenstain, but I also have no reason to doubt it and good reasons to believe it.

At the time the post was published, my blog was very small and private.  I received, at most, five hits a day, most of them from malware sites.  Most of my traffic was a handful of friends.  Mike’s comment is actually the first comment ever made on this blog – before that, my friends would just message me on facebook if they had anything to say about a post.  So there’s no way that it’s just someone who stumbled on the post and wanted to play a joke.

The comment was also made just three hours after the post went up.  What seems likely is that Mike Berenstain has a Google Alert set up to notify him when websites mention his family’s books.

Also, the comment gives a pretty detailed and plausible account.  It checks out.  It seems like READ MORE

The Theme Songs from ‘The Berenstain Bear Show’

Just a finishing NOTE: When you type in Berenstain Bears in your spell checker it will correct the spelling as Bernstein which is also odd due to the supposed common knowledge of the show and the name of the bears. Spell checkers use common knowledge spelling of most famous known names. Why does it say Berenstain and Berenstein are wrong, if they are well known names?


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  1. Avatar
    AttackOfTheSnack April 29, 2017

    Today I found myself needing to search these bears. I did so using “berenstein bears”. Suddenly I was reading your strange article and now my entire childhood is now also a lie.

  2. Avatar
    Marc August 07, 2015

    Don’t you think this whole thing has become a Frankenstain monster, spiraling out of control?

  3. Avatar
    saved May 19, 2015

    That is strange. It’s like there was a mass hypnotism going on, because that’s how I remember them too ‘stein’. But the songs and the print is right there! but our brains saying something else. Thanks for this, although it’s a bit concerning isn’t it. How’d THAT happen?!!

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