Vice News is 100% Busted for pushing #EbolaHoax FEAR PORN + Ebola Green Mind Control! F*** YOU SHANE SMITH!!!

Vice News has been outed several times over bogus news stories and setup propaganda. They have been in regions that unless your an insider you would never have access to the areas. They have been caught on several times faking news and pushing an agenda towards the plan of the NWO. Question all things VICE and learn their true programmed propaganda.

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Make sure you understand the TED EBOLA STUDY

A cause of the Ebola virus could be in part that human stress has made the delicate ecological balance become unbalanced, adversely effecting the natural state of biodiversity. One source of this stress may be just blatant human mismanagement of the natural environment, which indirectly and, or inadvertently leads to destruction of it, and which causes public health concerns. In fact, “mismanagement of public resources which leads to poor management of the environment create opportunistic factors for the birth and spread of epidemics,” an editorial in Le Palmares asserted.

It is not known where the Ebola virus is naturally found, but some think it may be in the rainforests in central Africa, near the origins of the HIV. It is believed that there is an animal reservoir, but it is undetected. In fact, these diseases are believed to be very ancient, but have attacked man as man has effected their natural habitat.

Secondary: Take into consideration the health care workers spreading the disease and the Gates foundation releasing untested mosquito vaccines declaring they are for malaria. We are to take these massive industries at their word? It is more likely big pharma has encouraged or released this virus onto the world in anticipation of revenue  to follow.

Agenda 21: has proposed that wild meat or foraging from the land should be restricted and disallowed within many nations, instead we should solely rely on big industry/big Agro for all our food needs, regardless of the GMO’s/Sterioids they contain. Already in North America “Waisting Disease” is hitting our ungulent populations. Thus creating fear over wild meats of Moose, Elk, Deer, Antelope. Many hunters and farmers agree the spread of the waisting diseases in our wildlife was by a direct release of deer farms and ungulent wildlife preserves.¬† They are discouraging any process of self reliance they can through fear and propaganda. As well it has been found many of the diseases associated with tumors and ulcers on our fish populations are directly related to the release of diseased fish from controlled farms. They were never suppose to do massive releases once they were all closed down. There was a reason much of these farms were closed and that was due to disease over a wild population in an unnatural captive setting.




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