Video: Tactics Of Trolls & The Truth About FPRN Radio

Video: Tactics Of Trolls & The Truth About FPRN Radio

This is a public service video. YouTube user/channel, “Hellwarz News” has demonstrated the use of tactics commonly used by agents of disinformation and/or deception. We have chosen to stop further interaction with this user/channel based on analysis being presented in this video, however, he continues to make videos containing lies and slander to this day even though there has been no exchange of words/text since October, 2014.

The purpose of presenting this information is to help the community of honest YouTube users know that false or misleading information is being presented as well as deceptive tactics being used and how to identify them.

Authenticity and reputation are at stake if we don’t speak out against the spreading of lies and sowing of division by specific accounts.

Update the attacks continue:




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