Walter L. Scott Jr. Police Shooting Hoax – Busted?

Walter L. Scott Jr. Police Shooting Hoax – Busted?


Notice the person in the passenger seat never really moves or cares that the driver just ran out of the car. Then they don’t seem to concerned after the officer runs after what appears to be Walter Scott Jr.


Video Description:

Walter Scott, a resident of North Charleston, South Carolina and a 50 year old black male was shot by a police officer in execution style and his murderer – appeared to use a “pop-gun” to take him down as there was NO SMOKE coming out of his Glock 21 automatic hand gun and then the body of Walter Scott had no signs of blood on it and he was apparently hit 8 times by North Charleston Police Officer Michael Thomas Slager. Let’s take a look at this latest shooting hoax shall we!

walker cop


Video Description:

This is weird. After becoming curious about the validity of this supposed “shooting” of Walter L. Scott Jr. from Charleston South Carolina — I did a search on who Walter Scott was.

After doing multiple searches, I found the radaris and white pages information associated with the only 50yr old Walter L. Scott Jr. who turned up.

Up comes this address:

214 Dogwood Trail Harleyville, SC 29448-3937

If you search that address, the top search return is a known fake identity address ! Complete with fake social security number and fake fraudulent credit card #’s listed on a website???!!!!!

Is Walter L. Scott Jr. from Harleyville, or is that just a fake address he used (just outside of Charleston SC?)

Wow, really?

Links below:………


The Man Who Recorded the Video of the Shooting:


The Official Report out of Mainstream: Make note of the hand signals behind the Chief of Police by the officer.

The Deception: The Hand Signs – Hidden in Plain Sight




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  1. Avatar
    elizabeth gard April 18, 2015


    FOR EXPOSING this sad scam

    AMERICA What have we become?

  2. Avatar
    mary April 14, 2015

    Look I live here in Charleston southCarolina it was not a hoax why didn’t these ones saying it a hoax go to the furarel and feel the corpse.Go visit the cop in jail come to his trial you stuiped luring propaganda spreading lies

    • Avatar
      john June 18, 2015

      Typical shill response. I live here so it must have happened! You peoe are meanies for sharing obvious facts! Now go get your tinfoil hats and take your meds! So predictable, so boring.

  3. Avatar
    Jm April 10, 2015

    No smoke, no blood, very suspicious.

  4. Avatar
    Chris April 09, 2015

    Also No recoil

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