Warning Parents on Common Core Sex Ed – Children Are Being Prepared for Predators

Warning Parents on Common Core Sex Ed – Children Are Being Prepared for Predators


Ottawa Just Announces New Sex Ed Guidelines.

Now, listen! Education Minister Liz Sandals (pictured) says Ontario kids as young as six will learn about consent while eight-year-olds will be taught about same-sex relationships under the revamped curriculum

Thumbs up: Planned Parenthood praised the inclusion of consent, the lessons about online activities, as well as the decision to teach about puberty at an earlier grade. (pictured, Education Minister Liz Sandals)


You will not be able to avoid this as it will be in the classroom and the Physical Ed Programs. Taking your kids out by signing the exemption forms will no longer work. This will be taught to your children regardless.

Update: The document – last updated in 1998 before smartphone were invented – brings Ontario in line with other provinces

Grade 1: Identify body parts, including genitalia, using correct terminology. Recognize caring and exploitative behaviors.

Grade 2: Outline the basic stages of human development. Describe how to relate positively to others and behaviors that can be harmful in relating to others, including both online and face-to-face name calling.

Grade 3: Identify the characteristics of healthy relationships, including those with friends, siblings and parents. Describe how visible differences, such as skin colour, and invisible differences, including gender identity and sexual orientation, make each person unique. Develop safety guidelines for Internet use.

Grade 4: Describe the physical changes that occur at puberty, as well as the emotional and social impacts. Demonstrate an understanding of personal hygienic practices associated with the onset of puberty.

Grade 5: Identify the parts of the reproductive system. Describe the processes of menstruation and spermatogenesis. Describe stresses related to puberty and identify strategies to manage them. Explain how a person’s actions, either in person or online, can affect people’s feelings and reputation, including making sexual comments and sharing sexual pictures.

Grade 6: Identify factors that affect a person’s ‘self-concept,’ for example stereotypes, gender identity and body image. Describe how to lay a foundation for healthy relationships by understanding changes that occur during adolescence

Grade 7: Explain the importance of understanding with a partner about delaying sexual activity and the concept of consent. Identify common sexually transmitted infections and describe their symptoms. Identify ways of preventing STIs and unintended pregnancy.

Grade 8: Identify and explain factors that can affect decisions about sexual activity. Demonstrate an understanding of gender identity and sexual orientation. Demonstrate an understanding of contraception and the concept of consent.

Grade 9: Demonstrate an understanding of the benefits and risks of using communication technologies. Describe the relative effectiveness of methods to prevent unintended pregnancy or STIs. Demonstrate an understanding of factors influencing a person’s gender identity and sexual orientation.

Grade 10: Describe factors that influence sexual decision making. Describe some common misconceptions about sexuality in our culture, and explain how these may harm people. Explain how being in an exclusive relationship with another person affects them and their relations with others.

Grade 11: Demonstrate an understanding of a variety of mental illnesses and addictions. Describe how proactive health measures and supports, for example breast and testicular examinations, can be applied to avoid or minimize illness.

Grade 12: Demonstrate an understanding of the effects and legal implications of different types of harassment, violence, and abuse in different relationships and settings and describe ways of responding to and preventing them. Demonstrate an understanding of how relationships develop and how to maintain a healthy relationship.

Source: Ontario Ministry of Education 

Ontario health and physical education curriculum for elementary students

Ontario health and physical education curriculum, secondary school


any of the videos regarding this new Common Core Sex Ed outline is first and foremost NO CAMERAS ALLOWED. The powers that be have come to realize they need to focus in the media, stories on not using a cellphone camera to do whats called Sexting. Note the first segment on camera phones and then lets get into the brunt of the Core program of the new sex ed class.
Parents will agree with the not txting sexual explicit materials however this no camera agenda will follow being restricted in the classroom. They don’t want pictures (like the ones below) to be made public on what is being presented to your children. The School board knows parents are more likely to take the word of teachers over students. However pictures are worth so much more.


 Common Sense on Common Core:

The Catholics have been MUTED – Where is the OUTRAGE? All state funded churches are on board with this.

However those fighting for the right to religion and education say the opposite of the Mainstream Media lies.
(If this video ^ is not loaded Please its important to watch – they don’t want to embed it here)
The solution offered here regarding Opting Out does not work as they are also presenting the materials in Phys Ed classes to pick-up those who’s parents did sign for opting out.

 This story was put out regarding a Nebraska teacher. We include this video to circulate the critical correction and information. It is possible they are doing various deceptions on the Sexual Education. The facts still indicate this is what they are teaching your children on inappropriate sexual materials however its very much a real issue.


The article indicates this:

Manufacturing Satanism: A Personal Memoir
Satanism and the sexualization of children:
what do these two things have in common?
Read on, and find out…


… by Lasha Darkmoon

It has come to this: little children are now being taught Satanism in schools and encouraged to masturbate in the classroom by their teachers. These heavily medicated and dumbed down kids, without their parents’ knowledge or consent, are being systematically turned into the sex perverts and serial killers of the future.

These children don’t know how to add or subtract. They don’t know if the world is flat or round. They don’t know where the Atlantic Ocean is and they can’t find America on a world map.  But they know how to use a dildo.

Little girls are being given detailed instructions how to strip and strap on these artificial penises, which they are then told to insert into the vaginas of other little girls— 6th graders aged 11 and upwards who, like themselves, are presumably ready for the raptures of sapphic sex.

Where these beginner lesbians are expected to practice their sex games—for let’s not be killjoys and call their innocent erotic pastimes “perversions”—is not altogether clear.

“Shocking images [we are told]  out of a classroom in Nebraska illustrate how 11-12 year olds in 6th grade are being taught under new federally mandated Common Core educational standards how to use strap-on dildos. The pictures were taken by a student with a cellphone camera. They show a teacher demonstrating how to use a strap-on sex toy in a number of different positions.

In one image, the teacher even shows how to insert the strap-on while her buttocks are in the air and her legs up over her head. In another image, the woman shows the children how to wear a harness to which the strap-on is attached.

Newly implemented Common Core educational standards have been assailed for their attempt to create a lowest common denominator form of teaching which many assert only works to dumb down lessons and prevent smart students from excelling, but these images give a glimpse into an even darker side to the federally mandated rules.

The Secrets of the Fed website also points to a book being given to 4th graders under new Common Core standards entitled It’s Perfectly Normal, which teaches children as young as nine how to masturbate.”



Explicit: 11-12 year olds get a sex toy lesson in Nebraska.
A teacher is shown  demonstrating the use of  a strap-on dildo (left).
She has her buttocks thrown up over her head (right),
showing how to insert the dildo in the desired orifice.

NOTE: It must be noted that this woman does teach teachers on how to present to students in Ontario Schools.

First Demonizing and Down Playing of those concerned. The media hides opposition in lies regarding this insane curriculum.
Protest movements rarely materialize out of thin air. They're often driven by people with an agenda.Leading the charge against sex-ed is an amalgam of anti-abortion and anti-gay groups that have demonized and distorted the research, writes Martin Regg Cohn.

Protest movements rarely materialize out of thin air. They’re often driven by people with an agenda. Leading the charge against sex-ed is an amalgam of anti-abortion and anti-gay groups that have demonized and distorted the research, writes Martin Regg Cohn


Source of lies

Create a view that no one agrees with the ignorant few who truly understand how dangerous this program actually is.

They want you to believe no one cares and everything is okay with this new course outline. Just a bunch of fringe tin foil hat wearers.

Video Description and petition:

******SIGN PETITION*****Hundreds of upset parents rally against graphic sex-ed curriculum at Queen’s Park

Ben Levin Casts Shadow over Sex Ed Curriculum

New Sex Ed Curriculum gets Mixed Reviews From Parents

Ontario’s Radical Sex-Ed Curriculum

Protest against the Sex Education Curriculum in Ontario

“Toronto is a home to a very diverse population and usually the issues that concern different groups are also too diverse to unite them. However, this was one of those rare occasions, where people of many different backgrounds and races – Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus and many others – got together to stand up against something, which affects their most precious possessions – their children. The downtown elites, the lefty academia and the homosexual lobby are used to getting their way by forcing their agenda – those who resist are blackmailed in the press, ostracized or fired from their jobs. But when so many people resist that politically correct dictatorship, they eventually will have to listen.”

(Note from MaxResistance: Many links are disappearing attached to articles like these, to prevent your research)


The facts are:

“Common Core” — a euphemism for “Let’s corrupt the kiddies and turn them into little sex machines” — is being federally imposed on states across the nation. It is nothing less than mind pollution of minors cunningly disguised as “teaching”. Its opponents assert that it will not only eviscerate critical thinking and lower educational standards, but create adults who are little more  than zombies.

The basic rules of logic and mathematics are also being turned on their heads. As in Orwell’s great novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, where the protagonist Winston Smith was finally forced to acknowledge that 2 + 2 = 5, pupils in American schools today are being subjected to similar absurdities.

“Perhaps the most infamous example of how Common Core will manifest itself in America’s schooling system was illustrated by a bizarre video in which a Common Core curriculum director said that “3 x 4 = 11could be considered a correct answer so long as students could explain how they reached that number.”

The same Alice-in-Wonderland logic, if transferred to the sphere of ethics, could have bizarre consequences. If explaining how you arrived at an incorrect answer is equivalent to arriving at the correct answer, then explaining how you came to do the wrong thing (e.g. commit murder) is equivalent to doing the right thing (i.e. not committing murder).

Applying the same twisted logic, you can be a model citizen even if you are a serial killer — provided you can give a rational explanation of why you like killing people.

Common Core’s sex education standards have also faced fierce criticism, with one group even claiming that they represent “pornography”, which serves to desensitize children and increase their chances of sexual molestation.

“What is taught includes teaching inappropriate sexuality skills,” writes Joseph R. John. “According to child psychologists, children are not mentally equipped to [receive] sexual indoctrination in kindergarten. They are being indoctrinated in sexual practices they should never  be exposed to!”

Of one thing we can be certain. The Perversion Lobby will win in the end. They always do.




READ MORE: veteranstoday


The fight against sexualizing our children is everywhere
*The following article contains graphic, sexually explicit terms.

While lawmakers in New York State are considering delaying the Common Core standards initiative because of its disastrous rollout, new problems with the academic standards are now drawing intense criticism.

Carol Burris, New York’s 2013 High School Principal of the Year, reports at Valerie Strauss’s Washington Post blog that Anna Shah, the mother of a kindergarten student, discovered highly offensive materials on the Student Services Page of the Engage NYCommon Core materials site. When Shah reported her discovery to NYSED, the page was taken down, though the link had reportedly been active since October of 2012.

The link below is to a screen shot made prior to the removal of the site.

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) site contained a section called“Make test prep fun,” which directed students to a site with quizzes that help them find out if they are a “sexy bitch,” “evil,” a “freak,” “insane,” etc.

Scrolling down and right on the page, students could also click on the links to take quizzes that would help them find out if they are “sluts,” or “losers.”

Questions on the “Are you a slut?” test include:

  • How many sexual partners have you had?
  • Would you have a threesome or a gang bang?
  • Are you often called a slut?
  • Have you ever let a boy hump you or grind on you in your younger years?
  • Have you ever messed around with brothers, cousins, or some other people related somehow?
  • What type of sex do you enjoy/prefer?

Students who wish to find out if they are a “loser” must answer these questions:

  • Are you a virgin?
  • Do you pay to talk to hot girls, and or pay for any female interaction?
  • How many times per day do you jerk your dick to porn/female pictures?
  • When did you last have sex?
  • How much is in your savings and checking?
  • What’s the average size of your dick?
  • How much time do you spend on femdom sites per day?
  • Do you cross dress?

– See more at: libertynews.com


Word Play on the Meaning of Consent

This is dangerous these girls believe consent means them being allowed to learn about sex. Actually the play on words comes in on the age of consent when children are educated in sex and sexual acts they therefore should understand the CONSENT word means allowing others to have access to your body.

We have stated many times on our shows MaxResistance Round Table – the powers that bee want to lower the age of sexual consent for children so if a pedophile should take advantage of the child (whether bullied or not by the adult) the child is educated therefore able to give consent to have sex with an adult or anyone regardless of what the parents may say in court. This will give predators open access to your child’s body without recourse of criminal actions. The child said I could so I did. Look forward to them lowering the age of consent very very soon. Your no longer able to protect your child if you don’t inform them at home about predators and sadly most parents won’t.

Listen as these under age – make-upped children provocatively dressed girls explain what they have been indoctrinated to fight for. Pay special attention to the word Consent.


Common Core Pornography

Feb 23, 2014 by

Are your schoolchildren being groomed for sexual exploitation?

Common Core is a federal takeover of the public education system, where a single set of learning standards is intended to replace each state’s curriculum. The standards were designed by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers. Forty-five states have adopted the standards.

There are many problems with Common Core. Here’s one: Common Core reading materials are designed to “groom” young people and leave them vulnerable to molestation and sexual abuse.

“Grooming” is the process by which a predator desensitizes a young person to sexual contact. A predator who is in a position of authority, such as a coach, teacher or counselor, uses his position to befriend a child and eventually to abuse that child. One of the steps in grooming is to expose the young person to graphic sexual material such as pornographic photos, stories, and movies. When the child is used to the idea that “everyone does” these sexual acts, the predator has his victim prepared and ready for molestation.

The Common Core reading materials are filled with graphic pornography cloaked as literature. The Bluest Eye, by Toni Morrison, is what your teen will be forced to read if your school accepts Common Core. The story includes descriptions of child rape, incest, and molestation. The pedophile in the novel is portrayed with sympathy and Morrison reportedly wrote the story so the reader becomes a “co-conspirator” with the predator.

The book Monster by Walter Dean Myers includes a description of a homosexual gang rape and the use of a butt plug. In New York, a Common Core education portal encourages teens to visit a pornographic sex survey site where they are asked if they want to participate in a threesome or a gang-bang, among other acts.

The novel Black Swan Green features a 13-year-old boy who graphically describes his father’s genitals and then a sex act. Dreaming in Cuban contains teen sadomasochism. In Kansas, a father discovered a Common Core poster in his daughter’s class titled “How Do People Express Their Sexual Feelings?” with items such as “anal sex,” “masturbation,” and “grinding” as examples. Our young people are being deliberately exposed to graphic sexual material in schools that accept Common Core.

Parents who object to this sexual material are vilified by a complicit media and the education establishment. We’re called book burners who want to censor what people are allowed to read. We’re condescendingly told that we’re ignorant and don’t understand fine literature. Our attempts to keep our children from being treated as sexual objects are met with scorn. One legislator added an amendment to fund tinfoil hats for parents who object to Common Core. This, too, is part of grooming behavior. Once young people are separated from parental influence, they are increasingly vulnerable to sexual exploitation.

The question is not whether Common Core is a deliberate attempt to groom students to be exploited by predators, or whether it’s all just an accident. The results are the same either way.

Published by Jimmy Kilpatrick
Education News


Dumbing Down Our Children

They are using Common Core to create mediocre students and uneducated adults. A dumb society is easy to manipulate. The agenda is  indoctrination.

Fight to reintroduce actual education on Reading Writing and Arithmetic. Canada was the leading educator in the world and now has dropped far below minimal standards.



Enough SAID! ;(

We are not saying proper education is not necessary, basic understandings about your body how it grows, what to expect and understand. If you can’t talk to your kids about sex ed then maybe it should be the parents taking the education and not the kids. Its your obligation as a parent to address these issues when the child asks and not before. Each child is different and matures at a different age. Bringing out a dildo to a 6 yr old is not appropriate for strangers to be teaching your children. Take control of your rights to educate your own or don’t have children in the first place.



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