Was Joan Rivers No Better Than A Dog?

Was Joan Rivers No Better Than A Dog?



e often hear the expression “Hollywood Handlers” and are constantly reminded that Famous Stars need their “Handlers”. This next story brought to mind that the Hollywood crowds are no better than dogs on a leash, needing to be trained and guided in all aspects of their lives. Although we often think the supposed Rich and Famous are “Lucky Dogs” for all they have and do. This video by Dahboo77 brings to mind, that a Dog that barks to much is controlled by way of a surgery to quiet the bark.

We all recall Joan Rivers barking over Michelle Obama being a Tranny and Obama being Gay. I realized when a dog barks to much the rich quite often quiet the DAWG (isn’t that what starz call themselves? DAWGS!)  by way of a surgical procedure called De-Barking or ventricular cordectomy.

I’ve noticed over the years Joan’s onslaught of a tamer and quieter voice, raspy and whispering more or less. With this report, indicating a member of her entourage taking a biopsy of her throat, outside of the regular surgical team. It makes me wonder if this is in fact a warning to other starz to shut to hell up, Or Else! It makes one wonder what these handlers are actually capable of and who are these people? We may never know.

It does however give a deeper meaning to Joan’s sympathetic nature towards dogs specifically with her own Dog MAX. After all she has a full line of Exquisite leash and colar lines for dogs.
– {Canine couture. Discerning doggies everywhere will beg to be walked wearing this chic collar and leash combo. The black simulated patent leather collar shimmers with a row of round, clear crystal accents and a pave crystal heart charm, while the matching leash gleams with luxe goldtone chain links. From Joan Rivers Classics Collection(R) Accessories.} Source & Here

Joan RiversHeadlines READ: Joan Rivers Dies with Her Beloved Dogs at Her Side – Do YOU Really Believe That?

Many including her manager were quoted as referring to Joan Rivers as a dog:

Former Manager Dishes On Joan Rivers: She Was “Like A Rabid Pit Bull

{and many more such derogatory comments referring to her as canine, and not in a nice fashion.}

Joan Rivers Couture Dog Collar and Leash

and so her daughter might follow the same path of being handled as well.

My obstetrician was so dumb that when I gave birth he forgot to cut the cord. For a year that kid followed me everywhere. It was like having a dog on a leash. Joan Rivers

Is this a warning to others? Is she actually dead? More than not it seems more likely she is not dead. Even her fans reportedly don’t believe a word of the rhetoric coming out of the media regarding Joan’s death.

There is one thing I know for sure about this story. It’s just another distraction from whats really going on in our countries. Look Deeper and I am sure we will find they are up to something behind our backs while we focus on this charade.




What is Ventricular Cordectomy:

Dog Debarking Surgery

The Truth About Debarking Dogs Surgery to Stop Dog Barking

By: Dennis Fetko, Ph.D., “Dr. Dog”


So your dogs barking is driving you and your neighbours crazy—annoyance, lost sleep and more…You may have heard about having dog debarking surgery as a solution to dog barking problems. Read on to learn about debarking and its pros and cons.

Debarking, or a ventricular cordectomy, as a way to solve dog barking problems is an elective minor surgical procedure in which the veterinarian severs or removes the vocal cords. The pro is that it’s fairly immediate. The dog can’t make much noise with sliced vocal cords. So there’s not much of a waiting period for it to take effect to stop dog barking.

The cons are that it’s indiscriminate in that it removes all barking including the kind that protects us. And we know that many lives are saved when dogs bark to warn us of smoke or intruders.

Debarking is often a temporary solution to dog barking problems or puppy barking problems due to scar formation. And it must be repeated–sometimes a number of times. The dog isn’t totally silent, but the noise he makes–sort of like a loud, wheezy cough–is really pitiful. And worst of all, it does nothing to relieve that destructive process and stress that a barking dog falls victim to with the ulcers and immune system compromise.

In other words, debarking to stop dog barking treats the symptom of excessive barking, not the problem. Your dog is still barking excessively; the loud bark is just gone. And it gets rid of some positive things at the same time. Also, there’s always the risk of anesthetic. It’s usually good to not anesthetize unless your dog unless it’s absolutely necessary.


Its almost poetic, don’t you think? A temporary procedure used to quite a nuisance that may well have led to her ultimate demise. 




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