Various television shows with “Winged Characters” in them seem to have hidden messages or predictive programming inlayed into the programs. Currently DaVinci’s Demons seem to be full of symbolism that seemingly relates to affairs happening in Paris.



A particular picture during the vigil in Paris caught my attention.

Paris candels


While watching DaVinci’s Demons an image of a secret societies insignia seemed familiar. This society or Order is working as an offset of the Roman Catholic Church. They are a group called the Labrys and they are in conflict with the R.C Church which they consider heretics for not being pious/pure enough. As well these Mithraian’s are in conflict with the Turkish Empire and their pagan religion called the Sons of Mithra. The Labrys call themselves the IL luminaries, source and centers of the world labyrinth.

Notice their insignia is a representation of a Trident.

paris tower de vinci

The symbol of their God is represented by Horns of a Bull.

trident bull

Their Banner is like a horned Trident


Their Symbol of their God is used to purify your soul through Crucifixion.


A body seems to fit perfectly onto the symbol of the Bull.


Many of their Objects have their Insignia

devinci sons mythera

They place their Idol up to put DaVinci on to purify him.

battle before the idol

A battle, before the Idol

sacrifice before the idol

A sacrifice of life was made in front of the idol

devinci sons mythera

Labrys is the Axe. Two sided Duality.

upside down Tower

Could it be the symbolism of Opposing forces. As Above So Below. We have seen this before UP SIDE DOWN imagery.

Labrys is the Axe in the picture above and also shown here, representing duality, Male/Female, death or cutting/hacking a nation.


This Season DaVinci’s Demons series is titled only in Latin. Take a look at the titles and their meanings.

DaVinci’s Demons Latin English
Episode 1 Semper Infidelis Always Unfaithful
Episode 2 Abbadon Abbadon = Devil
Episode 3 Modus Operandi Mode of Operation
Episode 4 The Labrys The Labrys = Weapon
Episode 5 Anima Venator The Soul Hunter
Episode 6 Liberum Arbitrium Free Will
Episode 7 Alis Volat Proplis She flies with her own wings = Oregon’s State Motto
Episode 8 La Confessione Della Machina Confession Machine
Episode 9 Angelus Iratissimus Angel Angry
Episode 10 Ira Deorum Wrath of the Gods

The Leader of the Order is called the Architect and the Orders Motto is:

We are the Horns of the INQUESTS.
We are the Shadows at the centre of the Labyrinth.
We are the UNITY within the Beast.
WE ARE ONE with the Architect.
Who is at ONE with us ALL.

Does this sound familiar to those trying to create a ONE World, a ONE God a one national Unity. A One World Order.

Inquests = An inquest is an official, public enquiry, presided over by the Coroner (and in some cases involving a jury) into the cause of a sudden, unexplained or violent death.

The Inquests of who’s death? The Sudden death of nations, men, family, fertility, freedoms, sexes, children’s innocents?

This symbolism is all to familiar when we compare it to recent events.

Is it possible this was predictive programming? What are your thoughts?

It seems as thought these old pagan religions have never gone away and in fact are coming back for a new revival. It does leave you to wonder if there is a limit to the coincidences surrounding these signs, symbols and idoliser’s of our day.



It is very old

rhiana horns

They promote as new.


mithraicMithra wiki

mithra symbol


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