Weaponizing Eugenics!

Weaponizing Eugenics!



Check out all of ExperimentalVaccines links and critical information: Well worth the time to learn from EV details on causality’s of  Government approved inject-ables for you and your children.

Review More Here: House overwhelmingly passes 21st Century Cures Act
Secret Genetic Experiments Human-Animal Hybrids
U.S. House passes ‘C21st Cures’ bill to speed new drugs to market
Mandatory Adult Vaccines Coming to California or GO TO JAIL! SB792
21st Century Cures Act Set To Overhaul FDA Regulatory Process
The Vaccinated are Infected Carriers
PhRMA companies push hard on House bill to ease testing of new drugs
Viral Vaccines How They Spread Disease 2 Hour Interview
New Federal Bill Lowers Standards for Experimental Vaccine Licensing
300 New Genetically Modified Vaccines by 2023: ExperimentalVaccines Interview on RealityBitesRadio
21st Century Cures Text HR 6
Vaccine Infused Foods Edible Vaccines: What’s in your Banana?
FDA 21st-Century Cures: Modernizing Clinical Trials



Interview with ExperimentalVaccines on MaxResistance Round Table. EV was extraordinary on details relating to your families coming forced health vaccine scheduled.

We can’t impress upon you enough how important it is to know exactly what your putting into your body and the long term effects these vaccines have on your health. EV is well educated/informed on the ill effects these Mandated Toxins have and do to your brain, body and general overall health and long term welfare.

If you want facts in great detail then Experimental Vaccines is the place to go for a fully informed decision if its right for you and your children. We can’t express enough how much work and how serious EV takes getting the details for your benefit. Please support him in any way possible.

Website: ExperimentalVaccines.org
Youtube: ExperimentalVaccinesChannel


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