Welcome to the Stage Managed News Propaganda


Is the ‘News’ stage managed? Yes I believe it is and here is my take on the giveaway that exposes a worldwide scam of propaganda and subliminal hypnotic manipulation which is called “The News”.
By Chris Constantine – Gorilla199


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    jim February 23, 2014

    mahalo, for tellin the truth, ive been in war, and we duck..lol..ur eight it doesnt add up

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    Daisy February 22, 2014

    This Video isn’t available in your country… (Dieses Video ist in deinem Land nicht verfügbar) greetz form Germany The land of gandeur cencership 😉 Now I have to go to a russian browser 😀

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    mrsprknz February 22, 2014

    max..love your new web site..

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