West Africans confirm 2014 Ebola is a Hoax!

West Africans confirm 2014 Ebola is a Hoax!


An excellent first time video by Che Lank    An investigation into what the locals in Liberia are saying regarding the Ebola controversy. Taking a common sense  look at many of the articles outside of the U.S. controlled media.

Keep up the great reporting CheLank, please sub and we look forward to another review:


Video Description:

Here I take a look at a selection of articles that cover what is actually going on in these allegedly “ebola-stricken” West African countries. I try and take you outside of our American bubble to see this a bit more from their perspective.

This is my first video so, yes, it has a few mistakes. I know the audio is only in the left channel, and the video that plays in the middle is way too loud. I will fix these problems for the next video, but I’m not re-recording this one, sorry!



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    Lily November 07, 2014

    wow this is a great video. im so glad i saw it, very eye opening

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    rhondakelly07 November 07, 2014

    Theyy get billions from USA to Kill Americans when they INVADE USA , Just like Mexico

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