What Do You Say To A Roanoke Truther?

What Do You Say To A Roanoke Truther?


A recent article published by: Ben Collins benin the DailyBeast, regarding Chris Hurst (the boyfriend of Alison Parker).
Titled: “What Do You Say to a Roanoke Truther?”

To summarize the content of the article. Ben Collins outlines truther’s/conspiracy theorists as trolls and anyone who questions the validity of the Virginia shooting as mentally inept.

Mr. Collins sites “Conspiracy theorists are, I submit, some of the last believers in an ordered universe, Pitzer College philosophy professor Brian Keeley wrote in Of Conspiracy Theories. “By supposing that current events are under the control of nefarious agents, conspiracy theories entail that such events are capable of being controlled.

Ben throws in a few philosophical theories of his own regarding what HE BELIEVES Conspiracy Theorists opinions are: “if nothing’s an accident and there are no lone wolf attacks or gunfights over petty grievances, then there is no gun problem. There is no mental health problem, either.”

This statement is ludicrous at best. Mr. Collins let me correct this misconception you and your mainstream controllers love to spout.

Event Skeptics notice patterns and within the patterns of these so called “Lone Wolf” attacks, the dynamic always steer towards full blown drama and fear tactics by the Mainstream media. Always, the resulting controlled narrative demands a massive call for “gun control,” on the whole of the population. Your kind Mr. Collins, lumps everything into one mixed package of your “Chaotic Coincidental Universe” and blanket statements. The cry is always, “anyone owning a gun is irresponsible or mentally psychotic.”

Let me clear the above statement up when I refer to you as “Your Kind” we Event Skeptics would consider your label (as you all love to label us) as “Coincidence Theorists” = At best you ignore that these patterns occur time and again. You imply these patterns as “Coincidences”, and expect the populace as a whole should ignore them as well, your statement: “shit just happens.” You try to lead/control public opinion to believe disorder and chaos is the rule of the universe. You imply rational thinking individuals should ignore these patterns accept them as Coincidences and accept blindly the canned narrative by the Government and Mainstream Media. You imply individuals must be mentally deranged if they don’t accept the official story.

Let’s clarify events that lead to the skepticism within the public realm to start with. Independent investigators have satisfied the public with evidence the Mainstream media lies, manipulates, stages and straight up manufactures news events and stories for their own objectives. It’s up to Event Skeptics to use their rational mind to discern the truth from the manufactured materials set out by the media.

Recorded lies by the media: Hair of the Dog events.


We can post thousands of hours documenting these manufactured canned content by the mainstream.

Recently Monte Frank the Connecticut Bar Association President and the Connecticut FOIA Commissioner Officer Streeter both admitted in an official statement at the recent Halbig FOIA hearing that Media is Hearsay. Media is an unreliable source.


uring the course of History the Government has been less than honest with the public. They are supposed to represent, and disclose truth to the public who pays them, yet time and again Government has duped the people into sacrificing their children in the name of chaotic interests. They have engaged misinformed patriots into WAR with manufactured false flag events, specifically the Gulf of Tonkin, Iraq, Vietnam.

Explain please Mr. Collins how the public must be psychotic for questioning these sources on a small event that is being used to make large ripples in our constitutional rights and freedoms. I would pose the concern for you Mr. Collins blindly accepted events with canned narratives that infringe on your rights and freedoms, as questionable cognitive disassociation behavior on your own part.

I find it interesting you ignore the evidence of Government and Media involvement in nefarious deceptions on the public without question. I propose my own theory, that you sir must either have a screw loose or at best are bought and paid for to publish such nonsense within the aforementioned article.

For those actually interested in the truth. Why does the article Mr. Collins produced, ignoring the name of the past boyfriend? Why does Mr. Collins disregard information pertinent to the case of “independent researchers”, who have now been vindicated by various programs such as: The History Channel and other documentary channels. Many outlined suspicions that were once thought of as fringe are now being openly discussed and accepted? Such as: HAARP, 911, Gulf of Tonkin, Plum Island, Hologram Technology, Agenda 21, New World Order and the list goes on. For years reputable investigators have explained very nefarious programs running on “black projects” within the Government. Now these programs have been exposed to the extent they can no longer be ignored. Yet without apology for the name calling, degradation, humiliation and destroyed reputations of these researchers or whistle blowers by media, many of those researchers or so called “Conspiracy Theorist” have suffered at the hands of ignoramuses like Mr. Collins have now been vindicated without recognition nor apology.

Let’s see what other investigators or Event Skeptics have to say regarding the article.

What does Daniel Wulz have to say about it?

The time line of Daniel and Chris : A response to Montagraph’s Posted Question.


Its obvious on further investigation into Mr. Ben Collins twitter account that he is not actually reporting as a friend or without bias. His agenda in the scheme of things is clear.

Ben Collins ‏@oneunderscore__ Aug 26

Stop saying his name.
Stop referencing the TV show this is like.
There are too many guns. They are too easy to get.
Talk about that. Fix it.

In conclusion Mr. Collins. Put this in your…..


Oh Bonus Material:

Don’t forget to listen to an interview of a witness on the scene.


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    Rebeca February 13, 2016

    . You touch on something I’ve noted rntlecey. As the entire optic, which I believe to be the truth, of collusion between Romney and Paul begins to hit more and more people, the media is running blocker and deflecting for Mittens.If you are going to run ads in Michigan, a state where you are not actively competing, why would you run attack ads? Positive ads focusing on your position would be more effective given the fact you are not contesting the state.In Virginia it is only Ron Paul and Mitt Romney on the ballot. Ron Paul has committed to campaigning for victory there. Will Paul run attack ads against Romney there? If not, considering the reasoning above, why not?Why didn’t Paul contest the state of Michigan? Perhaps the same reason Mittens will not contest Texas or Washington State???Why was this year the only year Ron Paul did not attend CPAC, or have himself in the straw poll which he won in 2011?

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